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Axpert Inverter, OSO charging


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I recently adjusted my Inverter to OSO charging of the batteries.  I got advice to also revisit the 'battery bulk voltage' as well to avoid damaging the batteries.


i checked through the manual but am not 100% sure which setting/s to update and to what.  Any suggestions?

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On 2018/12/11 at 1:41 PM, Fritz said:

check the manual again... it is in there. 

What type of batteries do you have?

that specific phrase is not mentioned in the batter.  Parameter 26 refers to 'bulk charging voltage' ; parameter 27 refers to 'floating charging voltage' and parameter 29 refers to 'low DC cut-off voltage.  Currently 26 = 56.4v ;  27=54v and  29=42v.  Is it one/some/all of these I need to revisit due to the OSO charging selection?


In terms of the batteries I have: 4 x 100ah Vision batteries

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