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Looking for installer in Midrand area

Simon M.

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I have an existing system with 2 x Infinisolar inverters (15kw), Canadian Solar panels and Pylontech batteries (combination of US3000C (header batteries) and US3000A slave batteries).

My system was fully operational until I added the 2nd Infinisolar inverter. Both inverters were syncing and receiving power from the batteries, Eskom load and the PV. When we

connected the 2nd inverter to the DB board, we got an error 51. Since then as soon as I connect the batteries they go straight into ALM / protection mode. If I open the disconnector

boxes and reset the batteries they run obviously with zero load but the run lights work until I close the disconnector boxes (with inverters on or off). It goes straight back into ALM mode.


If there are any installers out there in the Midrand area who can assist, please message me direct and we can get you out to come and assist. Thank you very much!


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Thanks @abd7hi @Simon M.I can definitely assist, I know the Infinisolar machines very well. It's quite a tricky machine. It uses Solar Power software so a laptop is essential to operate them I assume you have the 1st generation Green Mecer ones??

Or do you have the more modern one with the round display? Either way they are misunderstood. One needs to get the settings done right & then they work very well. The old generation doesn't support battery comms without the Smart card or Modbus card. Otherwise it uses voltage settings. 

I have some time this week & can assist, let me know happy to assist...

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