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Well... the Axpert just sees an AC voltage on AC-in and doesn't know or care that there is a GTI (or PV inverter) on the input side. So just about anything will work.

There is one useful layer you get with other systems, eg Victron+Fronius or a Sunnyboy/Sunnyisland combo, is that the inverter charging the battery can talk to the one with the solar panels attached, and then the battery charging can be limited to the available PV and thereby you can avoid using grid power for charging.

I would not connect a PV-inverter to the output. The way those things work is quite often to push the voltage up to 250V or more to encourage energy to flow into the "grid". This will very likely overvolt the high voltage bus of the Axpert... or that is my guess. A smart inverter might notice this and run its DC/DC stage in reverse to charge batteries, but I am pretty sure this one won't.

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The video is very explicit ...

It shows the "unique" way to connect PV-on-Grid an inject the Axpert from grid section. What does not explain is where the surplus goes (or I didn't was heedful at this part). Could be a small PV system is a good solution for an Axpert grid-connected. But surely errors will appear sooner or later...

What the video does explain with detail is the way the "hybrid" works...

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