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Axpert VM 2kW (2000 Watt) 24V


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I installed one of these units yesterday with 2x 102ah 12v Excis batteries.

The inverter did initially go into standby mode once the batteries were at a charged level but now runs continuously despite there being no load and charging status indicates that the batteries are charged.

Can anyone advise if this is normal or whether the inverter should go into standby mode when no load and batteries are charged.



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It's normal.

In order to power the loads on demand, an inverter has to run and generate 230V continuously, even if there are no loads at the moment. Once you switch-on a fridge, light, etc. the power starts to flow and the inverter will rev-up.


Some brands have a "load search" mode, where the inverter is running in low-consumption mode and just probing for loads. If closed circuit is detected, the inverter will switch from "load search" mode to a standard mode. But the Axpert, AFAIK, has no such option.

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