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  1. Thanks very much Youda, I just found it strange as i was comparing this newer model to my older 5kva Axpert which didn't do this.
  2. Hi, I installed one of these units yesterday with 2x 102ah 12v Excis batteries. The inverter did initially go into standby mode once the batteries were at a charged level but now runs continuously despite there being no load and charging status indicates that the batteries are charged. Can anyone advise if this is normal or whether the inverter should go into standby mode when no load and batteries are charged. Thanks, Alistair
  3. Thanks SuperDIY. Sethm, would suggest you go for the 5kv/4000w model rather than 3kv/2400 which i found is not scaleable. Or at least get the 3kv plus model.
  4. I paid just over R6k for the 3k/2400w model.
  5. Agree Chris, will at some point in the future need to cut my losses on the 3k and go for the 5k (i wish i had known more about this initially). Correct the 2 panels are 24v. Will this be problematic with the 5k and will they need replacing with 48v rather.
  6. I'll be more than happy if i can through above, get closer to 600w consistently. At the moment with 2 x 250w panels, the best i have seen is 390w charging at 12a for max 1hr duration.
  7. Thanks Chris, So despite the axpert 600w limitation, i could possibly get away with two parallel strings of 500w each, total 1000w (2 x 250w pv panels) which would give me overall: Voc = 74.8v (1
  8. Thanks Eugene. I am already running 2 x 250w pv panels as mentioned and all calcs are based on pv panel stc specs. Question is does one do these calcs based on stc or notc specs because if notc i could still add another panel in parallel and still be within 600w limitation of my axpert. If calcs based on stc specs then only 250w x 2 panels = 500w below 600w limitation. If calcs based on notc specs then possibly 185w x 3 panels = 555w still below 600w limitation. Hoping someone can help answer this stc vs notc question. Thanks
  9. Thanks Eugene, however still concerned about max pv input watts inverter can handle with mine being limited to 600w while the plus is limited to 1500w. Therefore hoping if this is based on pv panel notc specs (lower), i could possibly add another pv panel. I dont believe i can run 6 pv panels on my inverter model as this = 1500w beyond my 600w limitation.
  10. Thanks Eugene. Do you however have the "plus" model which allows for 1500w pv input whereas mine is the standard 600w unit hence my question.
  11. I have an Axpert 3kv/2400w inverter with max pv 600 watts input (not the "plus" model) Currently have 2 x 250w renesola panels connected in parallel to stay within the 600w pv input inverter limitation. Question is if the inverter max pv input watts limitation is based on the pv panel stc specs (250w, 37.4v voc, 8.31a mpc) or notc specs (185w, 35v voc, 6.57a mpc) watts. Hoping based on notc specs which could potentially mean i could still add an additional pv panel in parallel keeping me within axpert max open circuit voltage of 75v and 600w limitation. Appreciate any advice on how to maximise pv usage based on axpert model limitation. Thanks *edited
  12. I am looking to upgrade my 3kv Axpert inverter with a 5kv model due to current limitation of pv array input at 600w. The user manual specifies battery capacity of 200ah for 5kv model. My question is whether 200ah is required at physical individual battery level or whether at overall battery bank level. As i currently have 12v 100ah batteries need to understand if i can setup 2 x 48v series strings in parallel of 4 x 12v 100ah each with combined string capacity of 200ah. Thanks Alistair
  13. Hi Chris. I noticed the same on my 3kva Axpert. I changed low dc cutoff from default 21v to 23.5 and since then when running on battery almost straight away, the 4 line battery indicator dropped to 2 lines and i could not understand why as multimeter readings still showed plenty battery. I then changed setting back to 21v default as test and battery indicator went back to 4 lines. I reverted then to 23.5v so as not to drain batteries 100%. My question now is whether this setting 29 has any influence over axpert charging behaviour if anyone has any advice to strike right balance between low dc cutoff and charging.
  14. Very nice Chris. I wish now i had bought the 5kva Axpert instead of 3kva seeing all those pv panels you have.
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