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Hi all.

Looking for some advise on installing a solar system at home.

Im planing on getting a Goodwe 5048D-ES inverter and a Pylon US3000B battery to start with. This is to get me through loadsheading. then as finances permit  I'll add Jinko 300w Maxim panels and additional Pylon US3000B's. the idea is to end up off grid or at least using very little from Eskom.  We use around 18kwh per day.

Any ideas no where  i can get a good price on these items?

Or any other sugestions.






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Nope none yet. the biggest problem i think is the lack of 5048D-es stock. Looks like i'll have to wait until the end of April for stock to arrive.Also trying to work out if i'm going down the right track with the 5048D-ES or just better off getting Axpert 5kva's and going off grid. Then there's the whole regulation side of things.

Im not planing sending any excess power back to the grid however I like the idea of the having solar to supplement my homes power needs and charging batteries during the day but also having Eskom to make up any short fall that may accur .So i think the 5048D-ES would be the better bet. i've read quite a few discussions regarding the regulations for CoCT  but cant fine much for the rest of the country.Its my understanding that the rest of the country is not allowed to send power back into the grid.however are we allowed to have a grid tied hybrid inverter connected ,with the grid flow back set to 0w?



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