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  1. 4xUS3000B ‘s with a recommend charge rating of 37amps each so 140amp should be fine. Having said that, My system can’t produce 140amps of charge. The best I’ve seen is around 80amps to the batteries. Yes getting 100% charge. Just takes a little longer to get the last few percent. Victron recommends 52v. Today I’ve changed my charge voltages to 52v. So let see what happens.
  2. Mine was doing the same thing. It can’t make up it’s mind as to the amount of batteries attached. Hence the jumping around of the charge current value. However when I set the value at 140a on ICC it seems to be allowing full solar charge without jumping around. I’ve also set my charge voltage to 52.3v and it’s charging to around that value
  3. @Calvin My previous firmware was 71.76 and 2.00. Is the BMS info processed by the DSP or Remote display ?
  4. So yesterday I added another us3000b (4 now in total) and updated the remote display and DSP firmware to 2.49 and 71.92.Today i've noticed my king seems to have an issue keeping track of how many batteries I have. It shows on the remote display any number from 1 to 4 randomly! My battery charge limit changes between 30A and 140A randomly too, causing my solar not to run at its full potential. Not sure if this is a Battery BMS issue or a Inverter issue. Anybody else experiencing this ?
  5. If you use the ICC to pylontech connection cable and set ICC to read your batteries. You will then be able to set ICC the change to grid supply at any given SOC and return to battery at another given SOC.
  6. With my inverter set to PYL and if I change the charge voltages, the king automatically changes back to 53.2v. Im assuming it gets this number from the batteries.I also noticed the charge current decreases on the settings page as the battery nears full. Im running 71.86 and wondering if you're able to change the charge voltage and it stays at the new set voltage that this could be a change in firmware 71.90 ? or possibly different firmware in the batteries? Now i thinking out loud here. Could this be part of the problem is that for whatever reason maybe the batteries are not communicating
  7. I use ICC to control my King. My Pylons are also connected to ICC so im able to use the Pylon SOC to control what the King does. Unfortunately Im not sure how to control "Back to grid" or vise vera with out it.
  8. Check and see if it does it in SbU. Ive noticed in SUB that the solar supply seems to "hunt" a bit when the batteries are full and the load is low. This could be what you are seeing. I don't use SUB very often so can't really offer more at the moment. Do you have ICC monitoring the King ?
  9. @DeeJay what mode is the Inverter in when this cycling happens?
  10. So far mine has been behaving itself since changing the fuse holder.
  11. So far so good hopefully it was just a dodgy fuse holder. They definitely 3S2P 60 cells panels with a combined open voltage of about 103v. When I get back to SA double check everything.
  12. Well I say a few weeks but let’s see what happens with coronavirus.
  13. Thank guys for the support and response. I managed to get someone to change the fuse and the fuse holder last night. So lets see how it goes over the next few weeks. I'll check temperatures when i get back home.
  14. Unfortunately I’m nowhere near my system at the moment and won’t be for the next 3 weeks. It’s a standard 32amp dc fuse holder and a 10mm x 38mm 30amp dc solar fuse being used. The cable run is around 10m and I’ve used 6m2 solar cable.
  15. I’m having an issue with one of my strings. I keeps blowing a fuse once every 3 weeks or so. It’s done this 3 times I have 6X 290w panels 3S2P on that line. and therefore should only be getting a max of 20amps. However I’m blowing a 30amp fuse. Now I have another string of 6 panels facing the same way wired exactly the same and its fuse never blows. Today when the fuse blew my solar was putting out 88v and 2880w from 15 panels which should equate to around 13amps on that string. In the past when I’ve replaced the fuse I’ve tested the current draw on each of my strings a
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