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  1. This afternoon I ran my king in SUB and I also had oscillations in my PV current when my batteries where fully charged. This only seems to happen when the PV current is greater than the load current. As soon as the PV current drops below the load current it all smoothed out. Its overcast and a bit rainy here today so my solar production is not great nor stable. However it did notice earlier in the day that when the load was above 1000w there was no oscillation. But I could only observe this for short time. Hopefully tomorrow’s weather will be better and I’ll be able to test.
  2. Yes from the download section here on the forum.
  3. 1) what your Firmware version is? = 71.86 2) Mine are as follows: 01 SUB 02 10 05 USE 06 LtE 07 LtE 09 50 10 AUT 11 10 12 47 13 50 16 SLb UdC 18 bOF 19 tEP 20 LOF 22 AOF 23 bYE 25 Fd5 26 53.2 27 53.2 28 SIG 29 47 30 AUt 33 Ed5 34 58.4 35 60 36 120 37 30d 39 Ad5
  4. Ill be able to check in the tomorrow morning.
  5. Just having a look at your grid watts , load watts and PV watts. Looking at that information it looks as if the load is being powered by solar power. Could be an error with your version of ICC ? 370 watts has to be going somewhere .
  6. Here is my graph from when i changed the setting to SUB. you can see some solar drops from around 16:17 to 16:45. These where due to clouds.
  7. These are my current settings. One thing I have noticed is if I put my inverter into SUB it doesn’t always work as it should however if I set it to eco mode first, then to SUB it behaves better. ive set mine to sub now and will post a graph a bit later once my solar has dropped off a bit.
  8. I've found my king only seems to work correctly on SUB when Charge source priority is set to Solar only.
  9. 2X 12v 105ah connected in series = 24v 105ah. So 2520Wh is correct.
  10. The battery icon flashes when there is successful communication between the inverter and battery.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This remote panel reflash (U2) version 2.00 some may need it when updating your main firmware .
  12. I made my own cable using the details in the following post https://powerforum.co.za/topic/2519-mpp-solar-inverters-support-pylontech-some-models/?do=findComment&comment=52895
  13. Do you know which firmware your screen was running?


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