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Axpert 5KVA mark II always draws some power from Grid


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Hi, hopefully someone can assist or confirm an issue that I am seeing..

I replaced a Must 5 KVA inverter with an Axpert II 5 KVA a few weeks ago, the old inverter operated in solar mode and the battery charging was set for solar first. I have two other inverters running like this and it works perfectly.

The new Axpert if set into Solar mode always seems to draw about 400-800 watts off the grid, even on a hot day in full sun. If I change the setting to SBU I can see the PV input spikes up to 1000 watts and the draw of the grid drops to 32 watts. SBU is not what I want to run though because when the sun gets low the unit switches between grid/battery/solar until there is no more input from the PV.

I had the suppliers look at this and after they built a LAB system at their offices they confirmed that this is how the mark II units operate.

Has anyone else seen this, is there some magical work around apart from switching the grid supply off at sunrise everyday...





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Hi, here goes, I will just run down the numbers.. a lot is just left at default 

01 -Sol




























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Did you measure active power or only current? It could be reactive power.

If you can't measure active power you can do a simple test. When battery full and no loads in AC output, measure current. If you obtain 800-1000 W, it is reactive power.

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Hi, I can try that, I have one of those OWL energy meters on the Inverter Grid input feed, on the old inverter when the system was running on Solar that displayed 0, now if I set it on SBU I measure 32 watts. That is not the issue for me though, if there is full sun and I know typically my house draws 949 watts, i see the input into the inverter from Grid is between 400 and 800 watts.

Yesterday the power went off in our area mid day, so with the grid off the power drawn was about 800 watts, my wife then plugged in a hairdryer and we chased it up to 2200 watts being drawn and about 1500 watts being supplied by the PV. I only have about 200 Watts of PV.

I am more than happy with that but as soon as the power came back on the PV input dropped to about 300 watts and the rest was fed in by Grid.

I had the local reseller look at this and they did not understand it, they built a LAB and eventually told me that the Axpert II just works like that, it uses Grid voltage to stabilise the power feed from the inverter. I want to know if anyone else has a unit like this and it also works like that.

This model II is supposed to be able to run battery less so thats why it apparently works like this..

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