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Batrium Longmons


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Yes it is pricey, but every single cent worth it. I am using it on recycled laptop lithium ion. Will post some pictures later. almost finish with the new layout. Currently i am done with 1120 cells installed and 145Ah (Close to 7.5 Kwh) We are busy with a viability test on recycling laptop batteries. We are done testing with the first 700 laptop batteries and have 1580 cells (Excluding my 1120) that is ranging between 1900mAh and 2960mAh. We take the nickle of on both ends and replace the wrapper and price ranges from R25 to R45 depending on capacity. Batrium is one of that systems that you connect and start without issues and the functions, software, monitoring and capabilities is worth it. Currently we have 20 Opus chargers that we use for the testing. 

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