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Writing own monitoring software


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Hi all,

I got a Raspbery Pi for Christmas. Simultaneously I am getting more and more frustrated with SEMS portal because it seems to lose data every now and then or throw out completely out of whack figures.

So I am hoping that there is some port on the Goodwe ES, preferably read only, that I can use so as to query the machine at regular intervals and build stats.

I want to keep accurate month-by-month data to get an idea of how quickly I am paying back the investment, but because of earlier stability issues (now seem to be resolved) and glitches on SEMS portal, I have never got figures that look plausible.

So... I've got a PI. I have some programming chops. I would like to use Python (and have a Python IDE on the PI).

I would like to write my own here. I need to get to grips with Python, so this seems like a good way to do that whilst working towards something that has an actual purpose (which, for me, makes the learning easier).

So next steps?

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1 hour ago, P1000 said:

What is the plan?

How does the Goodwe interface currently?

If you have a protocol and a way to read it, writing an interfacer for emonhub should not take very long.


At present I have apps on my phone that connect to the inverter's own WIFI, or I can use SEMS portal which uses data that the Inverter sends over the internet. The two don't always agree.

The inverter allows only 1 incoming wifi connection, so if I use wifi on the pi to connect to the inverter there could be problems.

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I'm very interested. I don't have anything monitoring my system except a Mooshimeter (MM) to simultaneously show current (bi-direction) and battery volts.  (The AUXILIARY VOLTAGE DC = shunt-connected wires directly to MM, about 5mV/A.) This tells me lots but I would prefer to have still more information.  Please can you update me about your progress?

Thanks, A




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