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RCT AXVM1-1K - Error 5 on power fail


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Google searching for 2 hours doesn't yield results, probably because this inverter model is pretty new.
I have purchased 2 of the RCT AXVM1-1K inverters for a friend and I to seamlessly combat loadshedding. It is not going according to plan.

We are both having Error Code 5 displayed continuously when the inverter switches over to battery automatically on mains loss (loadshedding)

This problem doesn't happen every time for my friend, but it happened the first time i had loadshedding at 8pm tonight, the inverter has been connected for 2 days (no PV connected yet)
The manual calls it a short circuit, but if i disconnect the batteries and begin with a cold start, the inverter works perfectly, as it has for the last 2 hours.

I had tested several times by pulling out the kettle/IEC plug of the inverter before today and the change to battery worked fine.

Initially, i suspected it was a N-PE grounding issue, but there are no dry contact ports on this inverter to connect a grounding box.
And the kettle plug and lack of dry contact relay on the bottom makes me think it does not need it.

I have installed 3x 3kva RCT inverters before and had no issue, grounding or otherwise, hence this post.
I would be grateful to any insight anyone is willing to provide.

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