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Mecer Axpert King question?


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The fans are always at high speed when the Axpert King runs in online mode (setting 10 = ONL). This is the default setting, which means the King will always have noisy fans if no settings are changed.

I don't mind the noisy fans when using the batteries, but wanted less noise when utility power is available. To achieve this, use setting 10 = ECO. Then the fans idle along until the inverter switches to online mode.

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Unfortunately my MKSII does not have this setting which is really frustrating.I have resorted to switching the inverter off when there is no load shedding and we are not at home.

As you said i dont mind the fans running while charging batteries but when totally idle and doing nothing those fans shouldnt be running.

I appreciate the suggestion however

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Seems to be good so far I like it except for the 24/7 fan thing....if it's going in your house that could be a problem but depends where you put it...I now switch my inverter system off completely until there is load shedding...I switch it on 2 days a week when at work to charge up the batteries as they will lose 3 percent a week

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