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Axpert 3kv overheating


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3 hours ago, Gman007 said:

Hello I get error 02 manual say its over heating. 
This is at night and not even outside. What can i check?

Blow the unit out, dust builds up over time resulting in similar behaviour, clean the filters as well. that normally takes care of the problem. 

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2 hours ago, Gman007 said:

Where does the filters sits?

Its more like a fine steel mesh, at the bottom where it sucks the air in and on both sides on the top where it vents the air out. those gets blocked. 

2 hours ago, Gman007 said:

Do I need to disconnect the inverter to blow out and clean filters?

You can just switch it off, both AC and DC supplies. 


EDIT: And if your have the Heat Sink part on top, ensure those are clean as well. 

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Hello Jaco, thank you. I checked this morning mine don't have filters the vents is just open without a filter on the sides, I will also just check if all the fans is running fine.

How can I check the firmware? and is there newer firmware out?

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