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help: Stepper Motor


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Chris and jpd: thanks.

Unfortunately I am only capable of rising to understand the concept of treesome (i.e. up on a tree) ...  4-5 wires  are a few microsteps above my league.

I seem to understand that I cannot really test if such motor is dead simply using the "+' and the "-" from a 5V DC power supply, Correct?

I hope this is not the case: in this case which wire/wires do I connect to the "+' and which to the "-"  ?


Thank you

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I want to see if it is broken (or if the motor driver is - but I don't see how that could be).

Some cleaver guy plugged the motor into an incorrect port (where I fear - I am just guessing - voltage might have been 30% higher than it should have been)

Now when plugged in correct port motor gets slightly warm but apart from that it appears dead.

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this is one of 4 motors which control louvres in my solar airconditioner: they are all dead

The controller is the controller of the whole aircon. Everything else works but not the louvers. Louvre cables were mistakenly by the guy who was connecting power cables to the cassette unit. Then without thinking he decided the best course of action was to plug that loose cable into the cable for the wired controller (which I don't have) which he had found somewhere in the aircon control box.

That's the complete story which makes me loose my temper just as I think of it  .................................... : not only he wired the wrong cables (1.5 instead of 2.5mm and viceversa) to IDU and ODU and by cuttting surfix sleeve he cut neutral and earth so they would touch (=earth leakage) but he went as far as plugging out one cable from one side and plugging it back on the other .... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I need to find out if those motors are all gone because then I can try to get someone to bring me replacement motors from China next week.

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I just did a test with one of the steppers that I have. if you connect one of the poles at a time the motor will jump half a step. So it will not rotate only go one step.

So if you connect it to a 5v power supply it should move a bit if it works.

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3 hours ago, jdp said:

These are the wires that go together for the bipolar stepper

Pink and Orange

Yellow and Blue


in practical terms: pink as "-" and orange as "+" ?

or should it maybe be red as "-"'/common and pink & yellow as "+" ?

thanks for your patience on this

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jpd: thanks

FYI motors are ok.

Problem is with aircon software on control board: aircon IDU "thinks" it is driving some different types of swing motors.

I fear I might have been sent two parts which are not fully compatible with each other :( (manufacturing date of components is 6 months apart and color of wires in connecting cables do not match).

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Hey i think it might be difficult for you to repair it now. As same problem happened with me in past and they eventually leads me to buy a new one.

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Read if you are thinking to bought a new one else you can search any one who can possible solve your prob.

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