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  1. Exactly. I have been away from this forum for a while and I now realize that some guys who had been developing alternative management software might no longer be in this forum. Are you able to suggest any pointers to JCN or maybe suggests relevant treads in this forum?
  2. Thanks to Wagga links to protocols and utility for sending commands can be found here: RS232 Protocol.pdf note: protocols are generic and possibly only valid for Axpert inverters (solar inverters which unlike Infini are not hybrid / do not feed grid). However most commands should be valid. AccessPort_and_SOP_battery_calibration(1).rar also read: the above refers to adjusting min/max frequency without factory password but method is exactly same with other commands. I have tried to tried to change inverter mode to capture the command string sent to inverter. S
  3. Tonight I will modify my setup and take note of the string which is sent to the inverter. Somewhere on the forum there is a description on how to change some frequency/voltage parameters without factory password: you should then be able to send that string to your inverter and record the answer from the inverter (NAK if command is not accepted)
  4. JCN, From what I read it looks to me that firmware 0.32 prevents you from accessing "MyPower Management" menu. For what reasons I don't know and I would query this issue with Voltronic before attempting firmware updates. My point of view is that firmware should not be fiddled with unless there is certainty that it is correct for the hardware (but then nowadays firmware updates do check for hardware compatibility before updates). It might be possible that you get an answer of the type "pay an additional fee and you will get the MyPower Management feature unlocked": at tha
  5. Hi Jens Christian, Although my inverter is an Infisolar 3KW Plus by Santech (model 3KW PV 4.5KW) my conversations with Santech is that it is essentially the same machine available with different shells for different countries (for the UK is branded Infisolar) I assume that it is a similar story for the Voltronic version. My first comment is that my inverter was manufactured for Santech (China) in June 2015 with: Solarpower version 1.04 ( Santech pointed me to a new version from their UK distributor but after downloading it I never found time to install it) Main CPU processor v
  6. very interesting observation. I had been assuming that inverter would have switched to PV and keep abnormal supply from grid out of the system, but obviously it is the other way around. That one reason more to keep my two servers under UPS with voltage regulator. Originally I had planned to sell UPS and 4 x 150Ah batteries once inverter and PV was installed. Then I realized that it was nice to be able to be able work on inverter and DB board / earth leakage without worrying about supply to servers (I have UPS under inverter). Then some faulty appliance tripped the earth leakage
  7. just to follow up: My understanding is that your inverter sends your MONITORED DEVICE INFORMATION to the software: Then you may adjust PARAMETERS SETTINGS within those MONITORED DEVICE INFORMATION parameters (I did not try if software accepts any parameter outside range but I would imagine not and in any case I do not suggest to anyone to attempt that): Obviously the closer to the preset factory settings in DEVICE INFORMATION and the happier your inverter should be. For example I was having trouble with min and max AC INPUT FREQUENCY. Although device supports
  8. A few guys contacted me directly with questions about "how much overload" the 3kw inverter can really take?. My assesment is that maximum load from grid is just below 30A (last peak measurement I noticed was a 6798kw 227%) which happens to be also thee value of the trip switch recommended by supplier for connection of the inverter to the grid. The next question was: for how long can load exceed 3000W when connected to grid? My assessment is: as long as power is being supplied by grid. As Cobus asked me this question this was what the status was: No problem at al
  9. my options are limited by the fact that Jhb City Power pulse meter will charge me if I supply to grid. I see little point in using batteries except when load is well below 50% of inverter load (which is after everyone has gone to sleep) and below 55% battery capacity (although specs say I can discharge batteries to 0% a few hundred times) otherwise batteries will discharge too quickly which is not good for battery life. Before any comments: I am pretty happy with my batteries values (which are same as set by the battery manufacturer in the Infini used in their "Energy Storage Unit")
  10. Thanks Wetkit! ... and why didn't I think of that? I've just realized that from day one I have been stuck like a donkey on "Grid tie with Backup (I)". Possibly I will find some answers by exploring all other options.
  11. Stupid question: in SolarPower (version 1.07) sw settings there is AC output ON/Off Timer: Set up on/off time for AC output of inverter. If setting it. as 00:00/00:00, this function is disabled. I always assumed this to mean AC output to grid ON/Off Timer Since I cannot feed back to grid I have never tested this function. Do I understand this setting correctly? What happens if "Allow feed-in to the grid" is un-ticked and "AC output ON/Off Timer" is active? Another question: there is no setting anywhere for scheduling supply load from batteries, is there? Maybe
  12. uhmmm ... just got a new fault message ... I wish I had been logging com port 2024 Warning 2016-04-06 13:24:39 Fan fault 2012 Warning 2016-04-06 13:24:39 Require power from the power grid nothing wrong with any fan. and there was no power outage of any type so I am not sure what that "stand by" is supposed to mean: ... dish washer is heating up water. It looks to me that better communication through LAN is actually returning fake errors which I did not use to receive before. confusing ... EDIT: I am changing virtual com port settings disa
  13. Thanks Coulomb and superdiy That was my first concern but device parameters seem as they have always been: My assessment was that some partial command might have caused the hangs and that is why I decided to switch to a LAN cable. I think I need to keep logs of virtual com communication so I can check in logs what actually happened after a hang event ... but I must first figure out how to do that in Win 7 (remote IP port 8080 mapped to virtual port com 1 - parameters 2400,N,8,1) in perfect agreement with " crappy bundled softwar
  14. jpd: thanks FYI motors are ok. Problem is with aircon software on control board: aircon IDU "thinks" it is driving some different types of swing motors. I fear I might have been sent two parts which are not fully compatible with each other (manufacturing date of components is 6 months apart and color of wires in connecting cables do not match).
  15. I am not sure where to post this since not about settings but about weird inverter behavior and weird fault messages Firstly: I am connected from PC to rs232 port in inverter in an unusual way: I use a rs232-to-wifi/LAN device (the wifi signal is converted to a virtual com port). Not the ideal connectivity but the only possible since PC is far away from inverter. So far away that in the last few days I have started to have dropped connection and loss of packets on wifi connection for unknown reasons and decided to connect directly with LAN cable (that seems to have resolved lo
  16. Eventually ... I found ACDC invoice for earth spike as in http://www.acdc.co.za/getPage.php?page=220 I used ER1216 plus ERA1, 2, 4 (R 89.25+23.80+21.25+22.10 excl.) Also 10mm green/yellow wire to panels and to db board where I joined to Initially they recommended earthing mat plus earthing compound http://www.acdc.co.za/getPage.php?page=494 but when I mentioned I had clay they suggested I first tried without it.
  17. no idea what present regulations are but in a 3-phase board (phases on red-yellow-blue with neutral black) blue for neutral is misleading (I guess that's why it had been covered with black tape). To me it does not seem right to have some conduits where blue is phase blue and others where blue is neutral. On the other hand electrician who wired house on output of 3-phase circuit breaker of borehole pump used black-red-red-yellow and then in a box (where armored cable black-red-yellow-blue is connected) one of the reds becomes blue. confusing Also confusing is yellow or white: all new
  18. no clue I am just repeating Kwikhot inspector instructions to their installer as I heard them Confession: I had switched off geyser (and GeyserWise) at board. Then one month later I had heatpump pressure trouble due filter being dirty. White dust was found to have clogged filter. Installer send back for check up aid it was from magnesium rod. So I quickly went back to board and put circuit breaker up again I have to take this second opportunity to compliment Kwikhot professionalism and customer care: it is at a level last seen in the XX century! They had sent installer
  19. viper_za, great feature description. only the obvious one is missing: can start / stop geyser manually (but next timer cycle will resume timer) or switch off geyser without going to board or isolator. After installing heatpump (using exising geyser for storage) Kwikhot installer put timer on 1min/day to protect magnesium rod inside geyser from quick corrosion. Manual start / stop is useful to easily resume geyser operation should heatpump enter an error mode (example: when filter needs to be clean) and daughter starts screaming before I had a chance to resolve error because sh
  20. I followed up at the Solar Show. Growatt Solar MeBoost is not in production yet. At Growatt stand they did not know much about it except it will only work for the grid-tied inverters. "Good" I said "then they will work with your Growatt 3000HY, Growatt 5000HY and Growatt 10000HY (which are equivalent re-branded Infinis but at double the price)" they replied they wouldn't since the hybrid are not grid-tied. I showed them their brochures stating that these are grid tied and then someone said "maybe but the Solar MeBoost is very expensive". How expensive? Nobody knew. Upon inquiri
  21. above conversation just reminded me of that strange neutral (blue wire covered by black insulation tape) I had found in the main board. Obviously during house wiring they ran out of black wire and they must have made a "plan". I need to trace it because I have a feeling it might bring to light the reason why I have a couple of plug points intolerant with E/L when some appliances are plugged in and cooked a notebook power supply while I was moving some circuits from one phase into another.
  22. I just discovered an interesting device: http://ginverter.com/html/2016/01/29/20160129030223580003188.html Growatt Solar MeBoost The Solar MeBoost is designed to be used in conjunction with solar PV system, where surplus energy generated canbe stored within a domestic hot water cylinder in the form of hot water. No idea of cost or anything more than I read in this page. However tomorrow I have a meeting with these guys and I will ask more details. Another but unrelated cool gadget: http://ginverter.com/html/2014/01/16/2014011601132644293434.html
  23. Theories should be based on observations: if observations don't tie up with theory something is not 100% with the theory itself I have no opinion about E/L electronic components but I tend to agree with the statement above: I suspect that mechanical components might be the main weakness of CBI E/L units (no experience with other brands). More on observations: most qualified electricians I have come across (except one) whenever have trouble resolving a leakage issue for work they have done will resort to take a circuit out of leakage and have no trouble issuing a CoC. Wear and
  24. In case anyone wonders: I have installed under inverter a brand new E/L just to be sure there is nothing funky with the E/L breaker itself. I have another two E/L breakers in the cb board (one 3-phase E/L and one single phase for outbuildings ... any [email protected] device connected there does not affect me) which I can use as control in case of doubts. I have noticed that the outbuilding E/L is extremely sensitive to tripping. I was explained that this is to be expected since the more the trips the more sensitive an E/L becomes ... until eventually it needs replacing.
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