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Evaporative cooler

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Hi guys

I have an old cold room on my plot and I would like to know how to operate it.

On top is perforated pipes where the water goes. And on top it has a whirly bird.

What puzzles me it has 2x 80 mm pipes that runs from the roof into the wall of the room could this be for ventilation as I think it will pull warm air from outside into the bottom of the room where cold air should be?

Only got it down to 21 today outside 30 and humidity 28.

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One thing that "the old people" used to do is put up a "skoorsteen" and paint it black. The idea is that the sun heats it and causes a draft that pulls air upwards. This is how you keep a long-drop from smelling, you put up a pipe on the outside and paint it black :-) Maybe this is similar?

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