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SSEG for group developments/Estates (CoCT)


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Hi All,

I'm curious to know if anybody here has any experience with this topic in a scenario where the estate buys bulk electricity from the CoCT and where the estate owns the grid and where the grid is seen as a private grid by the CoCT. I know for a fact that if the generation capacity exceeds >30kVA certain technical solutions needs to be implemented. The solution also changes as per below thresholds:

> 30 kVA

> 100 kVA  up to 999kVA

It would be interesting if any estates have gone down this route seeing that more and more people will be installing solar in future and would then possibly want to make use of SSEG in estates where this is allowed.


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I vaguely recall someone here did go through that, and the outcome was that the entire estate would have to register for SSEG, which was prohibitively expensive since it's a very large connection (of course). Or something like that.

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Correct - my connection was a three phase 150A. That caused trouble with my SSEG application as they only allow up to three phase 100A for ordinary single households.

They actually did not tell me there was an issue - but simply proceeded to register this as commercial connection and yes - that is completely out of line. You have to use quite a bit of power FROM them before this makes sense. Got it changed to 100A - all they do is they came and took my very nice 150A three phase breaker away at the gate and replaced with three individual 100A breakers floating in mid air (the breakers did not fit the previous bracket so they just left it like that) and just for good measure broke the door right off the meter kiosk and just left it lying on the ground. 

Apart from wiring the wireless meter incorrect of course - they swapped one of the phases input to output around causing quite a bit of head scratching on my side as my accounting did not balance at all with that of COCT. I export a lot more than I use - but the reversed phase charges me for the export !

It left me wondering how this works with COCT customers that don't have much understanding of these things - how many are equally badly wired by COCT's electricians but would never know it...

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