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Hi everyone.


I'm new to the site, reading a lot and want to learn and help people. 

I work as IT (Everything in Technology)  love electronics and renewable energy

I have build my own backup lights system with my alarm system and solar [checks the 'if' conditions and only then it will switch on the lights when no power]

Busy building my own & is in the  process to get a Inverter(king 5kva)







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Hello Louisvdw

I have a Texecom panel and added some relays on to it. Then I edit the output on it with some if conditions.  I set the following. 1. is Power off, 2. is Alarm arm, 3 is it after 17h00 or before 8h00 & then with the passive in the room, if there is movement then the lights will stay on for 30 min. 

It really works but I still need some fine settings. 

Then with the relays. It connects to a converter from 24 to 12 for the LED strips. the batteries get charged with a PWM(I know it is not so efficient than an MPPT) and 3 solar panels 990watt. I have 4 panels for the inverter but will get next month's extra 2 panels. 

I want to connect the inverter to my lights and tv and the internet and also for the laptop.   I have the batteries and with the inverter and some panels, I can have a backup so long.

still learning about this.



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