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How to connect Axpert and Pylontech with cross-over cable?


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Axpert King 5kW plus Pylontech 3.5kW

First load shedding with my installation. Yeahhhh. First time ever to be happy to have load shedding. It didn't last.
Inverter quickly went into "panic mode" with fault 04 stating "low Battery". System shut down after 80 minutes while 5 of 6 lamps on Pylontech were still flashing.

It was connected with black supplied Ethernet cable between Inverter Battery Port and the RS485 at Pylontech. Wrong way around according to labels but I guess it doesn't actually matter.

I tried using a cross-over cable (supplied by my IT guy) and set option 05 to PYL but I quickly got a fault 32 (communication).

Pics were taken before load shedding. Several parameters in settings PDF are a bit different and some don't show up or have different descriptions. Some can't be set on the inverter directly. Very irritating.

Any Advice?





Voltronic Axpert VMIII-KING Settings.pdf voltronic inverter setup sop.pdf

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