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Geyserwise TSE For Sale


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Hi All

Have an almost brand new Geyserwise TSE unit available. Prepared to let it go for R600, excluding shipping.

Reason for sale: Repaced with a Geyserwise MAX to be able to control the pump (TSE unit doesn't have that capability). Mistakenly ordered and installed wrong unit for my setup.

Condition: Almost brand spanking new. When installing the new unit (MAX) we left all components in place that were possible, so most of the components in this kit have never been used. eg: Thermostat (brand new); Controller (2 weeks in use); cable (brand new); Control Box (2 weeks in use)

Notes: This unit is for a Thermosyphon system or a general system, if you need a pump or to track the temp of a solar collector then this unit is WRONG. Don't make my mistake, I added a pump to a Thermosyphon system and this unit cannot control a pump.

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Hi, Still have it - basically brand new, and all the bits are there.

Sorry for the late response, but I don't get to the forum as often as I used to, and for some reason I don't get the notifications via email.

Contact me on 083 5579832....

It's a great piece of kit, it just doesn't have the solar pump section that I needed... was in place for 2 weeks and in perfect nick.


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