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Losing PV Input



Please are there any suggestions...

Without getting into Inverter, battery detail simply what is happening...

If no Load been drawn the PV (Solar Panels) will charge the batteries at a consent output

The moment a load is put on eg fridge the output from the PV's swings up down - one moment outputting 1.3kva then suddenly 500W then back 1kva then back down again.

Realise not much info but has anyone any idea why?

Thanks Alan 


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Depends on battery voltage. If (just before the load turns on) the battery is already at the maximum voltage it should be  (for the charging phase, whether that be absorption of float), then the MPPT may be running stable, but it is not running flat-out. It is running current/voltage limited.

When a load then turns on, the battery voltage drops slightly, and the MPPT now has to switch from limited mode to tracking the maximum power point. Only, it doesn't know where the MPP is, it has to go looking for it. While it looks for it, the power will go up and down.

Different MPPTs do this in different ways. Some simply restart from zero (so Axpert owners typically complain about losing PV for a few seconds), and others scam from wherever they are in three sweeps (so Victron people want to know why every now and then it makes these three quick dips...)  🙂


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