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Good evening

I'm new to the blog so wanted to ask question! I have installed 2×solar 365w,1×3.5kva hybrid inverter 4000w also 2 ×200ah 12v deep cycle batteries in series. 

I have problem with Solar not charging my batteries or it because I need to add solar system till I reach 4000w of inverter which is 450vdc?

Im asking for help because it only charges with ac 230 input



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The MPPT Voltage is the voltage that your Solar panels should be. It will start charging if the panels voltage go about 120V. 

Those 365W panels should be around 40V per panel, so it will start to charge with 3 panels in series, but 4 would be better. You can add up to 10 of that size in series

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On 2020/09/12 at 7:18 PM, phineas said:

Here is the Pic it says nominal 240vdc

I wonder what that actually means. Perhaps that's the preferred input voltage, where the efficiency is highest.

The higher voltage SCC models do seem to start PV production at 120 V, and give up altogether at 110 V. At the high end, they stop MPPT at 430 V, and give up entirely at 450 V.

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