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  1. but that is what specialised DC breakers are made for... like the Noark ones. Of course you avoid it if you can.
  2. Those fuses you can't disconnect under load though right?
  3. I'm assuming you have a PWM charger? In that case the higher voltage obtained by adding panels in series does not help, it will still only charge at the current one panel can provide. You need to connect your panels in parallel.
  4. You can probably only have 4 350W panels (2 strings of 2 panels each connected in parallel). You'd need to upgrade your inverter to add more panels or buy a separate MPPT.
  5. The Atlas geyser is a POS. We could never get it to work reliably. Replaced it with a fan forced Paloma and the difference is night and day.
  6. You can have 8 or 9 panels per string, you can oversize your array I believe. The 10400W max is the max the MPPTs are able to produce, not the max rated kWp of the array. Just don't exceed the voltage rating.
  7. I read it as he wants to take advantage of his old meter (which I presume rolls back) in which case he'd need a bidirectional hybrid inverter, or a pure grid-tied inverter.
  8. Just be aware that what you're doing is illegal according to the Eskom SSEG guidelines. You'll have to register and get a new meter.
  9. The Growatt is not a hybrid system and can't push into the grid.
  10. What happens when the Sunsynk pushes power back to the generator? Does it produce diesel or petrol? I thought the generator should be on the AUX port and not treated as grid?
  11. I would think grid tied and a large diesel generator for backup if needed, don't go with shared batteries. Not sure if there are microgrid options with a generator so the solar can stay online?
  12. You're too close to the voltage limit on the MPPT so rather rewire to 4 strings of 2 each and sell one panel, or sell all your panels and get 9 or 12 60 cell panels (they tend to top out at 310W) and connect them in 3 or 4 strings of 3 panels each.
  13. Will you put a timer on it? And you don't mind charging from utility when it's a bit cloudy or other loads are using the solar? Looking for a way to could set it up that it just sunk all extra solar energy to the battery charger instead of how it would dump it to the grid if there was no CT clamp.
  14. Also went this way but now wondering how to ensure the batteries are charged from solar, especially if you plan on running lights etc off them at night.
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