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  1. So how are you supposed to know what the current capacity of the battery is? Shouldn't the BMV be able to infer it from the first couple of cycles by looking at a discharge curve?
  2. 8 years is on the high end for lifespan for a heat pump as I understand. Probably better off just replacing it?
  3. I'd get a Growatt and be done with it. 5 year warranty is pretty good, even if it breaks after that you could buy a whole new one and still be below the price of the Victron system.
  4. Thanks! This is a completely off-grid system, closest Eskom lines are a few km away. So this is why it would need to be coupled on the output side of the Multi. The only AC that ever feeds into the system is from a generator which only gets fired up if there is more than two days without adequate sun. Not sure if the price of a Fronius or ABB is worth it for this application? So will the CCGX just see a smaller load if the Solis picks it up? Wouldn't it be able to power a 4kw load if the Solis supplies 3kW and the Multi 1kW, assuming the Solis doesn't restart when the load comes on? And even if it restarts, the Multi can supply peaks higher than 3kw for short amounts of time, right? Long enough until the Solis comes back? How would you charge the battery from the Solis? Would you be able to loop the output back into the AC-in of the Multi?
  5. Would it be possible to couple a grid tie string inverter on the AC output of my dad’s off-grid system? He’s got a Victron Multiplus 3kva with a 5kwh lifepo4 battery and 2kw of panels connected to a MPPT 150/70. He's looking to add another string of panels for bigger loads during the day when the sun is out (washing machine, dishwasher, pumps etc) and dedicate the MPPT to charging the battery. I thought it might be a good idea to get a little 2/3kw Solis string inverter instead of a second MPPT and increase the power available? I guess if you connect a generator you just have to make sure the Solis is disconnected so it doesn't push back power? Will the CCGX pick up the Solis?
  6. The VW e-Up looks ideal. It's just under GBP20k (R430 000) and has a 260km range. I'm willing to spend less on my weekend vehicle and rather more on the daily driver that I don't have to fill up. Perhaps it would even make sense economically to just rent a Bakkie/SUV for weekends and holidays.
  7. Cool! How many did you need for a string of three panels like that? Couldn't tell if they are sold in pairs... And do you just bolt the brackets onto them?
  8. Are the Sunsynk inverters also hybrid grid tied like the Goodwe's of the world?
  9. I recently bought a secondhand 3kw/24v MKS Plus from a member here. It worked ok for a while, albeit with the Fault light flashing (01 - Fan issue) which was a known issue and had been there since the fan has been replaced. Now the Fault light is on permanently and only the DC charger is working, it's not inverting. It still shows 01 error but I'm not sure if there are other errors too? Is there a way to check this in the ICC Pi? When the inverter first starts up both fans spin a little bit and then dies down.. This is what the logs say:
  10. Do you still have the Goodwe? Is the ES or the EM?
  11. Hi Charl Does the inverter have a MPPT? Is it loud enough that it will bother you if installed in your living space?
  12. You get those gas stoves for hiking that has a heat exchanger on the bottom of the pot (eg Jetboil) that can boil water pretty damn fast.
  13. @plonkster does the Solis 4G work with the Multiplus II in this way too? And can you connect the output of the grid-tied inverter then again to the AC in of the Multi in order to charge the batteries? If so it seems a much better option than going with a MPPT charger.
  14. With Option 1, if grid is down you can't charge your batteries. In my case the oven is used mostly in the evening anyways, so it being on grid is not the biggest issue. Most of the time we're using the gas hob though.


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