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  1. The MPPT seems to be designed for 2 60 cell panels in series. They go up to about 340W each, which will be fine, your MPPT will just limit the output power to 600W.
  2. Thanks! I think I'll just go with the manual switch for now. And perhaps at first only connect to the Solis for getting signoff then add the switch and connection to the Axpert. The Solis won't power the geyser alone as is but I can probably replace the element with a 2kW one, otherwise just it will just pull a bit from the grid too.
  3. I can't. The batteries are all in series already. 4x 6V 200ah batteries
  4. I only have a 200ah 24V lead acid bank at the moment. I'm not aware of any 24V Hybrid inverters and don't want to buy more lead acid.
  5. I would need a new inverter and battery (R45k) vs < R10k for this solution
  6. Haha no that's just the negative... it's been a while since drawing circuits. Perhaps instead of doing something so fancy I can just use 2 of these https://thepowerstore.co.za/products/k-n-dual-string-dc-switch-disconnector-25a-220v-11a-460v-per-string and switch manually. Would just need to make sure that you switch both off before switching over.
  7. I want to be able to power non-essential loads like the geyser from the Solis. I think my Axpert and batteries are too small to do AC coupling safely and I doubt the Axpert supports frequency shifting.
  8. No they're about R17k nowadays. Also consider the HOSELECT 24V battery if the Pylontech is too expensive. You may need a BMV/ICC though to determine state of charge. 900W of panels should be enough.
  9. I'm planning on getting a Solis 4G single string grid tied inverter (Probably the 2kW model) and 6x345W JA Solar 60-cell panels. I plan on wiring the panels 3S2P but connect the two strings in series before going into the Solis. I’ll use my current Axpert 3kVA MKS Plus as a backup/off-grid inverter. If Eskom fails I plan to disconnect the PV from the Solis and wire them in parallel to the MPPT on my Axpert to keep the batteries charged. When the grid comes back, I just switch the PV back to the Solis. Can this work? See the attached diagram. I'm thinking of using Solid State Relays as the
  10. By the way, is this your trolley? I see they specify deep cycle batteries only but it's interesting that they said you can use LifePO4. Do you have any information on the LifePO4 battery they offer? Asking, because I know someone with the same trolley whose batteries may be damaged. Someone put the unit on its side on the back of a bakkie and the batteries shorted. https://ecodepot.co.za/products/smart-power-sps-1000-battery-backup-power-supply-with-solar-connector-1000w-batteries-not-included-1
  11. Hi Racer It's likely you have a 24V system (2 12V batteries in series) while the US2000 is a 48V bank. You can look at https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/collections/frontpage/products/24v-120ah-3kwh-lifepo4-wall-mount-solar-ups-battery?variant=35354510950567 either get that or buy the cells and BMS listed separately and build it into your trolley. Just check if you can adjust the charging voltages to what Bain recommends on your system.
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