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  1. By the way, is this your trolley? I see they specify deep cycle batteries only but it's interesting that they said you can use LifePO4. Do you have any information on the LifePO4 battery they offer? Asking, because I know someone with the same trolley whose batteries may be damaged. Someone put the unit on its side on the back of a bakkie and the batteries shorted. https://ecodepot.co.za/products/smart-power-sps-1000-battery-backup-power-supply-with-solar-connector-1000w-batteries-not-included-1
  2. Hi Racer It's likely you have a 24V system (2 12V batteries in series) while the US2000 is a 48V bank. You can look at https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/collections/frontpage/products/24v-120ah-3kwh-lifepo4-wall-mount-solar-ups-battery?variant=35354510950567 either get that or buy the cells and BMS listed separately and build it into your trolley. Just check if you can adjust the charging voltages to what Bain recommends on your system.
  3. I'm looking for a 150-200l low pressure evacuated tube thermosiphoning solar geyser with no electrical element in the Overstrand region. This is to be used in an off-grid setting to reduce usage of the gas geyser. We plan to manually open and close a valve feeding it depending on the weather. There are some suppliers online but all seem to be based up north and I'd like to avoid large shipping costs. Any in the Western Cape or alternatively, which of these would you recommend? https://shop.thesunpays.co.za/products/low-pressure-150l-solar-geyser-with-water-level-control-2year-guarant
  4. You don't want to be running off only PV with no batteries or grid to "smooth" out the output. Not even sure if it's possible with the VMIII. Any passing clouds or shadows could interrupt your power and having this happen constantly won't be good for the inverter or the loads. Off-grid == batteries. What makes more sense to me is leaving the swimming pool, geyser, borehole etc on grid and going off-grid (with battery backup) for your normal household loads. That is if hybrid or grid tied isn't an option. Not sure I understand the reasons why not, as long as you don't feed back why can't y
  5. gooseberry


    If you have an Axpert or clone with the 450V rated MPPT you need at least 120VDC on the solar input or about 4 panels in series.
  6. No way to connect 3 12V batteries to give you 24V. Either get another to connect 2s2p or only use 2.
  7. Yes, the EasySolar is only rated for 2400W continuous output power. (3000VA) So it can only contribute around that and can't draw more from the PV unless the charger is drawing additional power. For this setup to maximise PV you'd need a 5kva system.
  8. For interest's sake, can you put two Pylontech US2500 batteries in series if you upgrade your inverter later?
  9. I think you'd have to add the grid tie inverter on the grid side. AFAIK Axperts don't support frequency shifting, which is what you'd need for this to work.
  10. That inverter has a 450V MPPT https://solarequipment.co.za/product/kodak-solar-off-grid-x-inverter-mksii-5kw-48v/
  11. Thanks Coulomb. I'll connect a load to test the true capacity sometime and look for someone to do an equalisation charge. The system is not connected to AC at all, this was charging from the panels only. It was a lovely sunny day.
  12. Hi all. I recently decided to build myself a little "raap en skraap" solar setup using parts I could find that was lying around and second hand. My father had 2 250W 60 cell panels and 4 Trojan T105 batteries from a previous install laying about in the garage for a couple of years. I picked up a used 3kVA Axpert MKS Plus 24V, a BMV 702, an ICC pi and bought another 60 cell (280W) panel that I connected in series with the others. At the moment I'm only running a single Bosch standing freezer on the inverter. I want to transfer the system to my home for use during load shedding and longer
  13. How does that work when the strings should be fused and the fuse rating is always recommended to be about 50% above the string max current... on my panels it says to use with a 15A fuse. What use is the fuse if the inverter does this when it goes 2A over the input limit?
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