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Installation question regarding panel strings.


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I'm busy planning the installation of my PV panels.  Can I feed the 4 strings of PV cable through the same hole in the kitchen wall, which currently housing 3x  AC cables (garage db,  gate motor and to heat pump).  I'm planning to route the 4 DC strings through a 40mm PVC tube to keep them separate from the AC cables. But is that enough isolation and acceptable?

Your advice will be very helpfull, I don't want to spend a lot of energy to create another hole.


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As long as the DC cables are in a separate trunk (the PVC tube) it will be fine. There is no rule as far as I know that limit how close DC and AC trunking may be to each other, so through the same hole will be fine.

There is some talk about if the DC trunk must be metal or if it may be plastic and the regulations does mention metal trunk that must be earthed if I remember correctly. 

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