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Axpert MKS / 5000VA/5000W Power Inverter vs equivalent Victron


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What would be an equivalent Victron setup?

Power Inverter MKS 5000VA/5000W 48VDC O/P 230VAC

Pure Sine Wave 80A

Built-in MPPT Float Charge Voltage:64VDC

Maximum Charge Current:140A O/P Surge Power 10000VA 


What makes the Victron the better choice or is it just a question of pride

I do not have the knowledge or interest to play with patches like Coulomb and others on the forum and around here the local support is quite limited

Does the Victron have to be tweaked or is it more straight forward?  

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I would say that the Victron Multiplus II 5000VA is the closest match. If you want built in MPPT then go for the EasySolar 5000VA option, else you choose a matching SmartSolar MPPT. The Victron system just works and have a 5 year warrantee vs. 1 year for the MKS.

The Victron is super easy to install. Even more so if you take the EasySolar version. It you don't want to tinker and want a install and forget option then don't go for the Axpert clones. 

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On 2020/09/20 at 8:27 AM, JohanG said:

What makes the Victron the better choice or is it just a question of pride

For me, Victron has nothing to do with pride. You are building a system with presumably R60k+ worth of batteries and R30k+ of panels. Maybe another R10k for DBs and a bit of wiring. Now decide what inverter you want. I can go on and on about why I think Victron is an amazing product, with brilliant support, flexibility and reliability. However, I could also say:

You probably want to go solar because you are sick and tired of Eskom’s unreliability. In that case, you probably want to replace Eskom with something reliable.

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