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Deye inverter export to CT problem

melvin phuti

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Hi Everyone,

First post on this forum. I've learned a lot from the discussions here that I ended up doing a Deye inverter installation for my home. I know very little about electricity, so I hired an electrician to do the installation. The system works well, except for the export to CT function. When this function is switched on, the total home consumption shows 9.8kw when I do not have anything big switched on (geyser and stove off, only computer and fridge running). When I switch off the export to CT function, total home consumption goes back to about 0.3kw. CT coil is installed. Has anyone had this issue before, and what could be the solution to this? 


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Do you know which circuts are connected directly to inverter and what is before the inverter?

Are you sure the CT coil is connected to right wire? 

My suspicion is that the CT coil is clamped around the output from the inverter and not to the mains feeding the house. The CT coil should be connected to the main supply feeding the house after the municipal meter. 


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