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UV Light Water Filtering


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I wanted to find out if the boffins have managed to come up with a switch for their UV light. 


Busy with a home rain water collection project and bought myself a big blue 3 stage filter with UV light, however I don't want to connect the UV light to the pump as I am splitting the pump outlet between irrigation and home use (no use filtering water if its just going to the plants).


I have been looking on the net for water flow switches, but they either come from China and use a working voltage of 5V - 18V, or the local ones that do make use of high voltage have low working flow rates 5l/min.


Does anyone perhaps know of a switch that they have used before ? 


Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and connect it to the pump, and extra hour each does won't kill the light, I just don't want the light to be running 24/7. 


Thanks in advance !

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Just checked my in-tank UV light that's permanently on and it's fused. Not sure when it went dead but it's been running 24/7 since it was installed in January 2020.

Replacement UV light is R850 and might just hook it up to my pump that fills the tank so it will only go on for an hour every time the tank is topped up via the float switch.

I have this UV light in my water tank.


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