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  1. That is pretty sad state of affairs, the unit itself is a wonderful concept which is compact and can be place almost anywhere. I was also looking at investing in the same unit, however after looking at reviews here, wind turbines don't really have a good track record with servicing.
  2. Just contact Manie from ICC, he will be able to create an image file for you to download so you can load it on the new SD Card. Disclaimer: Assuming the ICC version is from Manie and not from Centurion Solar - in that case your best bet would be to contact Centurion Solar.
  3. I wanted to find out if the boffins have managed to come up with a switch for their UV light. Busy with a home rain water collection project and bought myself a big blue 3 stage filter with UV light, however I don't want to connect the UV light to the pump as I am splitting the pump outlet between irrigation and home use (no use filtering water if its just going to the plants). I have been looking on the net for water flow switches, but they either come from China and use a working voltage of 5V - 18V, or the local ones that do make use of high voltage have low working
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basslink#:~:text=The Basslink electricity interconnector is,mainland to the George Town
  5. I am also looking a grey water system, but something a bit more eco friendly and struggled to find something on the market or someone that does it effectively. I decided to troll Youtube one evening and came around to this guy who installed a grey water system, not pretty but very clever especially using plants to filter the water and keep that smell down to a min. https://youtu.be/uZXMOfkrZYA
  6. Sorry might have missed it along the way but did you post the firmware version and display version for the inverter ?
  7. Have a read here, it could be similar to what you are having. https://powerforum.co.za/topic/6404-axpert-king-not-using-solar-correctly/?do=findComment&comment=80030
  8. @Plaashaas Yes - I have two in parallel. However as the day goes I will check the system just to make sure that i am not seeing anything funny. Only thing is found yesterday is that I drain my batteries from about 01:00 in the morning, yesterday i had to dry clothes before i left home and the system switched to grid at around 07:00 due to back to grid setting. At first it jumped to maximum charge amp of about 80amps and there after settled to 2amps up until Solar picked up the charging and load function. However I believe this might be a setting related to SBU as I
  9. Just some feedback for you guys, especially since @Plaashaas asked about it in another topic. I am not experiencing these problems yet, however I don't make use of the Pylontech batteries, I use the Narada AGM batteries.
  10. Also you have big loads during the afternoon, I am not sure what those could be but this would be the example of moving them earlier say maybe 12:00 to 13:00
  11. Morning Wayne The PV falling away is because there is not enough load to use the available PV at that point in time. Ideally your Solar graph should look like a hill, gradually climbing on one end and descending on the other which will indicate max use of PV production during the day. I see you using time control on your batteries, by 17:00 your system uses no battery power and only starts using it again from around 09:00. Have you considered maybe starting to drain your batteries from around 06:00 in the morning so that your solar will "charge" them back up during th
  12. @pierre. Thanks for the link back, I can confirm that after firmware upgrades my system started behaving much better. Main inverter software version - 71.92 https://powerforum.co.za/files/file/52-axpert-king-main-firmware-version/ Controller / Display software version - 02.49 https://powerforum.co.za/files/file/53-axpert-king-remote-display-firmware/ My system should technically be able to give me 6480 watts, if I work on the % given by Coulomb earlier in the post than I am spot on with my solar production. Reaching almost 5400 watts the other day at around
  13. Did you come right? I was having the same problem, however mine was occurring in the parallel setup, so the one updated correctly but the other point blank refused. i eventually pulled the battery fuses, let the inverter restart and the viola it managed to create a connection and i could update.
  14. So in reply to this topic, remember to check your controller settings or as people put it your display version with the Axperts. Mine was different versions which meant that the 2 Axperts were not speaking nicely with one another, so in essence they did not know how to work together to maximize PV production. Once updated each Axpert is producing the exact amount of PV Kw now. Lesson learnt.
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