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  1. I remember reading the Victron installers manuals and they have no problem with these installs, only thing I did see is that they mentioned you install a busbar and have the terminals in a very specific location. Will see if I can try find it again. Aah I found it, that is what made me remember because I have two Axperts when I did the research.
  2. Nice idea to save some water, find my washing machine also kills my poor JOJO tanks and also wanted something where I could reuse the water too. I think the biggest thing is, how much water are we talking about and what is the budget (Assume with the nursing home budget is not very big). Also what are your thoughts of using the water? Gardens, re-use for washing, etc ?
  3. @Cassie such an awsum idea, I have been playing with the idea as well of having everything from the washing machine, baths and showers inc pool backwash to be drained into these pre-filters such as you have mentioned. Just the washing machine alone uses a ton of water that I could use again. However my water wouldn't be pumped back into the house. I would use the water to irrigate the garden as we have a big yard.
  4. Personally I have been through this already, bought a new house last year February and with all the rain we have been having I think I realized why the previous owners sold. No matter the epoxy, the conduit, the joints etc etc the cable always manages to find that little bit of moisture and subsequently trip the mains the whole time. I have had to pull new cables through to various parts of the house outside, lights, gate motor etc etc. My advise is that if you can, pull through a new cable and at least you do not have to worry about digging anything up. Also if its a new hole, consider laying another conduit along side the original one with a draw cable for future expansion plans.
  5. Ask the installer if you could make use of Standard Bank Escrow service - you pay the full amount into the account, he is guaranteed the full amount is there. Money doesn't move on unless you get your COC, and he has the assurance he will get paid once the COC is done. https://www.standardbank.co.za/southafrica/personal/products-and-services/ways-to-bank/innovative-payment-solutions/escrow-service
  6. One makes me think you might be the installer considering you have been on the forum for 3 years and this is your 3rd post. Coming out of the block you attack OP, calling him a "-- deleted by moderator---" and that he should let grown-ups sort it out. Clearly you might be the one going about doing stuff the wrong way to be honest, as this forum is used as a platform to help and educate people on these matters and put them in touch with people that can assist. Also your comment here: "-- deleted by moderator---" - Unfortunately if you want to run a business you should be able to take the punches, regardless if you on holiday or not, it is still your business and decency would dictate you respond to your clients and keep to your word of sticking to an appointment. What recourse do consumers have when business owners cannot be held accountable, if OPs house burnt down because the installer did not correctly install the equipment what would you say? Even after a year you can still be held accountable for an install if the incorrect equipment was installed.
  7. I have turned up the temps on the Geyser as well, using peak solar times to heat up the geysers with enough hot water being produced for evening use.
  8. That is pretty sad state of affairs, the unit itself is a wonderful concept which is compact and can be place almost anywhere. I was also looking at investing in the same unit, however after looking at reviews here, wind turbines don't really have a good track record with servicing.
  9. Just contact Manie from ICC, he will be able to create an image file for you to download so you can load it on the new SD Card. Disclaimer: Assuming the ICC version is from Manie and not from Centurion Solar - in that case your best bet would be to contact Centurion Solar.
  10. I wanted to find out if the boffins have managed to come up with a switch for their UV light. Busy with a home rain water collection project and bought myself a big blue 3 stage filter with UV light, however I don't want to connect the UV light to the pump as I am splitting the pump outlet between irrigation and home use (no use filtering water if its just going to the plants). I have been looking on the net for water flow switches, but they either come from China and use a working voltage of 5V - 18V, or the local ones that do make use of high voltage have low working flow rates 5l/min. Does anyone perhaps know of a switch that they have used before ? Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and connect it to the pump, and extra hour each does won't kill the light, I just don't want the light to be running 24/7. Thanks in advance !
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basslink#:~:text=The Basslink electricity interconnector is,mainland to the George Town
  12. I am also looking a grey water system, but something a bit more eco friendly and struggled to find something on the market or someone that does it effectively. I decided to troll Youtube one evening and came around to this guy who installed a grey water system, not pretty but very clever especially using plants to filter the water and keep that smell down to a min. https://youtu.be/uZXMOfkrZYA
  13. Sorry might have missed it along the way but did you post the firmware version and display version for the inverter ?
  14. Have a read here, it could be similar to what you are having. https://powerforum.co.za/topic/6404-axpert-king-not-using-solar-correctly/?do=findComment&comment=80030
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