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  1. Doesn't the battery have a lifespan of 10 years ?
  2. Hi guys, Any positive feedback on this type of storage ? I see on the MyBB, this one was mentioned ... https://www.gwstore.co.za/product/sirius-super-capacitor-6-7kwh-48v-energy-module/ Is it worth looking into these or should i settle for lithium (BYD, Pylontech etc.) ?
  3. Jaco came out to me and did a quick inspection and I got a great feeling that I will be getting first class service and quality install . Thank you Jaco !
  4. hi Jaco What is your preferred method of communication?
  5. Mind telling me who did your install? Thank you
  6. In that case a lithium battery would be the better choice since it costs around the same.
  7. How much does a 12v200Ah Trojan cost ?
  8. Show me one Lead Acid battery that can provide even 800 cycles at 75% DoD EDIT: Ok my info is a little inaccurate, see attached for a more accurate ref.
  9. I've been buying DC GEL batteries ( 12v200Ah ) for around R3.2k , and the ones im using are safe to discharge up to 75% of capacity. 400 cycles at 75%DoD .
  10. I'm using a Sako 3kw low frequency inverter, 3 years and counting.
  11. HI wtjaden, Appreciate your recommendation on the charger. I'll surely look into buying this if no one else can recommend anything better. I purchased the batteries from an importer in Pretoria. Purchased for R5.5k each 12v100Ah
  12. Hey guys, I purchased 4 x 100Ah Lithium batteries about a year ago, and since then I stopped having weekly power cuts. So I purchased them for nothing, as the 4 x 100Ah DC Gel batteries are working just fine. I would end up using the Lithium's at some point ( going off the grid on one phase when electricity prices start getting more steep), so for now I need to know where I can give my batteries a boost charge OR maybe I can just buy one. Can someone please kindly point me in the right direction. TIA !
  13. Im also interested in buying a few. Where you ordering yours from Mike, and do you have a spec sheet ?
  14. Nicely done ! did you DIY or had some company do the install ?
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