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  1. Builder/contractor suggests to add a RO system after the 3 stage to get it to drinkable water. Again, I am not saying I am actually going to drink the water but I want it in that state for peace of mind, that the water is pure.
  2. If you're close to Centurion you are welcome to come and see this setup. I spoke to the manufacturer today and they told me the this system doesn't allow any shit sludge to remain in the 1st tank. My builder/contractor also confirms this 3 stage tank system is something unique. I guess time will tell when I get done with the building and renovations.
  3. Yes , all the waste goes into tank1, which gets filtered and goes to tank 2, then goes through another process and into tank 3. From tank 3 , they claim I can even use to connect my washing machine.
  4. Thanks for your advice. I will contact an installer I found off the jojo website and have them come out and determine what solution they may offer. I am curious to see what can be done further. I have about a 1000m2 of flat roof that can collect rainwater for harvesting. regards
  5. Hi everyone, thanks for the replies. About 10 years back there was an elderly man , a retired engineer and professor who converted sewerage water into drinking water. he did the conversation on my dad’s septic tank. At the time I didn’t care about all this but I did go to see the project and he showed me the purified water and he drank from it. I too was like urghhhh… never, but today we face shortages of water and I want to be totally independent from the municipality. I am not saying I want to actually drink the purified water where the source is from the s hit I flush down the toilet, but I could use that water for the washing machines, dish washers , for car wash etc.
  6. Hi guys, I installed a 3 tank grey water system. All my waste water from toilets,taps, showers etc. is moved to this grey water system. I don't need the grey water for irrigation so i am looking to purify the grey water into drinkable water. How do i go about doing this ? I am looking for a company that can assist me as i am not a DIY type person. Any advice will be appreciated.
  7. See spec sheet attached To give some perspective, I imported the 12v100Ah (same factory as this 2v300Ah) back in 2014 , and had this going well for 5 years until 2019 when i realized my long hours backup time was slowly reducing, and Eskom/Council was extremely unstable in my area. So imported the 2v300Ah to make sure i am covered for up to 2 days. CFPG2300.pdf
  8. Hi guys, I have 2 sets of 48v300Ah gel batteries in 2v cells. 1 set i had been using for a little over a year and since install, i cycled it maybe a handful of times. I had a maximum of 500w as backup for loadshedding. We did have the odd 24 hour power cut and max discharge on these days were no more than 20%, battery bar always showed full. These babies kept me going. other set is basically brand spanking new, i had Jaco Go-Solar hook it up ( together with the set above) when he installed my solar system, but within 3 days i realized i rather just buy the Pylontech batteries and get an ESS going straight away. So this set got a top up charge and is now waiting for a new owner. Price for the used battery is R900 per 2v300Ah and R1100 for the new one. Victron BMV702 monitor R2000 (NEW) If you need more info, please PM me.
  9. Doesn't the battery have a lifespan of 10 years ?
  10. Hi guys, Any positive feedback on this type of storage ? I see on the MyBB, this one was mentioned ... https://www.gwstore.co.za/product/sirius-super-capacitor-6-7kwh-48v-energy-module/ Is it worth looking into these or should i settle for lithium (BYD, Pylontech etc.) ?
  11. Mind telling me who did your install? Thank you
  12. In that case a lithium battery would be the better choice since it costs around the same.
  13. How much does a 12v200Ah Trojan cost ?
  14. Show me one Lead Acid battery that can provide even 800 cycles at 75% DoD EDIT: Ok my info is a little inaccurate, see attached for a more accurate ref.
  15. I've been buying DC GEL batteries ( 12v200Ah ) for around R3.2k , and the ones im using are safe to discharge up to 75% of capacity. 400 cycles at 75%DoD .
  16. I'm using a Sako 3kw low frequency inverter, 3 years and counting.
  17. HI wtjaden, Appreciate your recommendation on the charger. I'll surely look into buying this if no one else can recommend anything better. I purchased the batteries from an importer in Pretoria. Purchased for R5.5k each 12v100Ah
  18. Hey guys, I purchased 4 x 100Ah Lithium batteries about a year ago, and since then I stopped having weekly power cuts. So I purchased them for nothing, as the 4 x 100Ah DC Gel batteries are working just fine. I would end up using the Lithium's at some point ( going off the grid on one phase when electricity prices start getting more steep), so for now I need to know where I can give my batteries a boost charge OR maybe I can just buy one. Can someone please kindly point me in the right direction. TIA !
  19. Im also interested in buying a few. Where you ordering yours from Mike, and do you have a spec sheet ?
  20. Nicely done ! did you DIY or had some company do the install ?
  21. So this Lithium battery is taking the battery market by storm. But is It really that good compared to Lead Acid ? I have been buying Lead Acid batteries that offer 400 cycles at 100% DoD.
  22. Thanks for the information Wetkit. I decided to buy a new 5kw Hybrid inverter. The only problem with this specific inverter is that it can only operate in Hybrid mode ( meaning auto switching between PV-DC-Grid) is if I have the controller built-in . The controller is not a MPPT controller but PWM. Now I have heard that MPPT is far better than PWM , but now in this case would it be a train smash if I end up with a PWM ?
  23. Hi Wetkit, I actually don't mind it right now where the Solar charges only when City power is cut off. My UPS is a 48VDC system. So how I connect this. I have the Solar panel wired to the controller, and then wired to the batteries ? Also the battery maximum charge current is 30A , so would this mean I need a 30A controller or can I buy a bigger one ? Thanks again for the input/advice.
  24. Thanks Cint for the information. I wonder if anyone has done this before ... hmmm ...
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