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current charge (Axpert_MKSII-5KVA / parallel installation)


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I installed two inverter (Axbert_Mksii-5kva) in parallel operation mode, and I set the maximum charge current to 50 ampere and the maximum charge current from the utility to 30 ampere. My question: Will the charging current be the total current of two inverter (maximum charge current 50 + 50 ampere, maximum charge current from utility 30 + 30 ampere)?

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6 hours ago, Moallam said:

when I measured the charge current from the first inverter, it was 30 amps while in the second inverter it was 0 amps

I sometimes get significant discrepancies between my two paralleled inverters, but usually not as much as 30 A. In my case, it's because the battery voltage calibration is badly off on one of the two inverters. I fixed it with a series of BTA commands, but failed to save the result with a PSAVE command, so the calibration was lost next time I reset the inverters. I've yet to get back to this.

So that could be the reason for your discrepancy, and if so the solution is to perform the calibration as detailed in the linked post.

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