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Gone Blue: Victron & SolarMD


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I replaced my 5yr old Mecer 5KVA (4kW) hybrid with Victron Multiplus II 5KVA/70A Inverter/Charger and a Victron Smart Solar Charge Controller 250V/100A. The bus bar which comes with the SolarMD 7.4kWh lithium battery came in very handy. The SolarMD battery controls the Smart Solar via the SolarMD Data Logger CAN Bus2 to VE CAN on the Victron control hub, a CerboGX device (impressive little thing).

Victron's Energy Storage System (ESS) is set to Prioritise Battery life (SOC limit set to 40% for the kicks of it but would normally put it at 20%). Grid set point at 50W (will ideally not send anything beyond this to grid). The setup works like a gem and when the battery is full and its after mid morning a Load Shift circuit introduces Geysers and ACs to the inverter load to store excess solar as hot water. The 10 x 430Wp Longi monos give +5,000W on optimal solar day.

With the Mecer gone I have lost some monitoring on the SolarMD MyPower24 site but can still see the handy battery SOC info, estimated runtime and charging time. Victron VRM has all I need really. SolarMD Logger tells the Smart Charger how to charge the battery but does not pull PV data off it (I guess Victron didnt open this up). I use the Logger Relay1 and its smart customisable expression trigger to switch my Load Shift ON/OFF but its all based on SOC. With the Mecer I could use PV level to switch OFF (Oh well!).



Remote Console.jpg





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