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Small scale off-grid system.


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I was just reading an article about access to electricity (or the lack thereof) in rural Africa. Africa has 73% of the world's disconnected population. Studies show there is a desire for electricity to provide lighting and phone charging and, to a lesser degree, some entertainment.

OK... so this got me thinking. What is available that can be installed in a household with no grid connection, where some lighting, charging and maybe watching some TV after hours would make a difference? And what sort of money are we talking about? It seems to me that there are lots of ready to go options for people who have grid but are worried about failures, rather less for people who have nothing at all but could use a modest supply.

I have a guy who does plastering and painting for me. He has no juice at his place of residence. He has to pay a shop money to charge his phone, and of course they aren't going to charge him the municipal rate. A side effect of this arrangement (my handyman being not the only person in his area who needs to use such services) is that the crooks quickly learned that when they want some smart phones they just muscle into said shop when there are multiple phones on charge. 

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 A few small scale solutions maybe worth a look, but no entertainment eg tv and so on but atleast a few lights and a charger for phone. Built in battery protection and changeable batterys found in most hardware stores.

Personal experience with the cheapy GD light kit with 3 bulbs main spot and charger= only used it as a spot in an area I didn't want to go thru the hassel of running cable and light fitting. On main spot beam the light would be on and super bright for about 2 and a half hours then fade off and die in 4 to 5 hours, wouldn't fully charge battery on cloudy days but this was a cheapy R350 experiment kit.


Screenshot_20210101-013509_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20210101-013331_Samsung Internet.jpg

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