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Advice needed - Axpert 5kva inverter settings


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Good day,

I recently installed an Axpert (mecer branded) 5kva hybrid inverter. I have an initial battery backup of 4 x 200Ah Gamistar deep cycle gel batteries. I have not installed any PV as yet .......will do some time in the next few months. so the system as is is just used during load shedding for a few lights, 2 Tvs,  fridge, modem  and dstv. Could someone please give me the optimal settings for this initial setup as per the programing sheet/menu. Using the software that came with inverter. Thanks in advance. 


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19 hours ago, Sudeshm said:

Could someone please give me the optimal settings for this initial setup

The defaults should do pretty well, as the inverter-chargers were designed for lead acid batteries.

You will want to change the maximum charge current to a value to suit your battery modules (probably 30 A, but your battery might allow more or need less).

You will also likely want the output source priority to utility, so it will use utility when available, and change to battery only when there is no utility. But I believe that's the default. When the PV is installed, you will want to change that to something like SBU (minimum utility use) or SOL/SUB (minimum battery use, maximum preparedness for load shedding).

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