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Reading MPPT2 data from Axpert Max


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5 hours ago, Denarius said:

Does anyone know how to find the value of MPPT 2?

Try QPIGS2. Look it up in a recent protocol manual. I believe that there is one on this forum.

Edit: It looks like the MAX has a different QPIGS2 response data format (clever 🙄 And QPI still returns PI30).

Looks like there are only 3 fields: PV2 current, PV2 voltage (values less than 60.0 V display as zero), and PV2 power.

Edit 2: That's with firmware version 90.11 (50.00 for the 120 V version). I expect the earlier firmwares to be the same, but haven't checked.

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Thank you @coulomb, that was exactly what I was looking for.  Your knowledge of the internals of these inverters is amazing.

(09.4 128.7 01213

I guess if you have multiple Axpert Max in parallel, you can only read the MPPT2 of inverter you are connected to.

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On 2021/03/01 at 12:01 AM, Denarius said:

@coulomb Is this the case? Is there no way to read MPPT2 of the inverters not connected directly via USB?

Oh. Yes, it looks that way. Seems quite an oversight.

Other models appear to have a QP2GSn command, for reading the PV parameters for machine n. Or at least, that's what is documented in the protocol manual. Maybe only the older dual- and triple- MPPT models implement this command.

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Removed last sentence, which in retrospect was irrelevant.
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