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Two Inverters with different phasing


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Hi all 

I am assisting a friend with and installation of two 8kw Deye inverters. The inverters are installed on Phase A and Phase B of a three phase system. We have  27 panels connected in four strings, two to each inverter, which work perfectly.  We also have three pylontech us 3000 connected in parallel to both inverters.

My questions relates to how the inverters speak to each other and share the BMS data. Since we only have two inverters across two different phases we can't quite seem to figure out how to configure them so that the one with the CAN BMS cable connected shares the  battery data with the second one ? 

We have tried setting the inverts up as two masters on phase A and Phase B, and they reported no communication faults when doing this, but the second inverter did not have any SOC data and after a while showed a graphic with three exclamation marks which we can't find any reference to in the manual.  

We then tried them as stand alone inverters but again no battery SOC was shared between the one with the CAN connection and the second inverter  

Below is a shot of the setup we attempted, but without the third phase, and the SOC error we got from the non CAN connected inverter. 

One thing we are thinking of trying is setting up the inverter as Master and Slave configuration but I am not sure how they will react if they each on a different phase.

Any insight on this would be appreciated as I have sent three emails to the "Fast responding customer service" at Deye and have not received any feedback in over a week 😞 



2phase .jpg

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It might be worth a go but I think the parameters like max  charging current need to compensate for the fact that  there are two inverters and as they both connected to the batteries so if each inverter see the same config then you could end up with a situation where they both deliver max current effectively doubling the the rating. 

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