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How read data from Pylontech US2000C console port to PC?


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Please help. I have a new Pylontech US2000C battery. I made a cable for communication according to the picture. I use BatteryView 3.0.23 to read from BMS. But the only data I read is basic data, in the attached image. Is there a way to display the values of individual battery cells, etc.?
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We can try this, no guarantees that it will work.

There is no Indicator config file for the US2000C in BatteryView 3.0.23. We can create the file as its the same board as the US3000C. 

Go to the Configs\Indicators folder and make a copy of the "US3000C_Indicator.xml" file and rename it to "US2000C_Indicator.xml".


Restart BatteryView and lemme know if there are any errors?


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Ok. It works now. You also need to copy and rename the files in the Configs / Params and Configs / RegCofigs and Configs / UpdateConfigs folders. BatteryView then displays the correct data.


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