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Hello Forumites

Whilst this enquiry is not strictly renewables oriented, I am looking for related product. To wit, I am needing approximately 1800 kVA/kW of UPS, with a 10 minute duration. Best case scenario would be 3 x 600kVA units to be paralleled, or whatever is a standard solution. I hoping a member has expertise in this field, and that we can do business together.




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The project is for a dairy and dairy product processing plant. The UPS would be located immediately adjacent to the new LV MDB which we are building, and will be feeding the essential services for the operation. There will be generator backup coming online, hence the relatively short autonomy required, although extending this is probably more realistic, especially with the consideration of a practical C1 discharge capability of the battery setup. One could also invoke a longer autonomy period to delay start-up of the generators in the event of nuisance outages.

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Well, this kind of energy storage can be handled by LTO cells, they invariable are rated between 5 and 10C, problem is, they are not all that plentiful as yet, since they are more expensive, at least for now, compared to LFP's, for that kind of energy, shortish term, usually a kinetic battery would be installed, basically a LARGE flywheel with an alternator/motor connected, ideally in a vacuum sealed and vacuum drawn enclosure, to minimized drag...

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