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Growatt BMS Connection


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Hi im trying to connect the BMS between my Growatt 5kw inverter and lithium ion battery ive done the following steps

1. switch off inverter input and output so its only running on battery
2. went into inverter setting and changed setting 5 to "Li" and then it takes me to setting 36 which i set to (Li02)
3. switched off inverter + battery completely and set dip switches on battery to (1 0 0 0) (on off off off)
4. connected RJ45 cable to BMS on the inverter and RJ45 port next to the can port on battery
5. Switched on battery and switched on inverter 
inverter now shows the small Li logo next to the battery and some of the setting on the inverter has changed to percentage values but the inverter keeps on beeping and giving me an alarm (fault code 20) which says bms communication error
What am i doing wrong or what could be the problem? can it be a firmware issue? 
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