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Soft/Hard/Easy starter.


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Who used one of these starters on their fridges / aircons?

Did it work?

Where can I buy one?

The reason why I asked , i want to use it on my fridges to reduce the inrush current during the night. My 4 fridges kicks in at the same time during the night, which trickers my inverter  to change over to utilitiy, which increases my bill.

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Using a soft starter will mean replacing the entire air-con or fridge unit. The entire air-con needs to be replaced with a inverter drive air-con. They use at least 40% less power then the normal air-cons. It is in some cases worth replacing all the air-con units within a house with inverter drive air-cons to reduce the required inverter capacity when going solar. 

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Gerrie is correct.

Standalone soft starters and Variable speed variable frequency drives are for 3 phase induction motors.


Unless you have a pretty big fridge or aircon it won't have a three phase motor 🙂


If don't already have A+ appliances have a look they generally pay for themselves in the long run.

Modern appliances come inverter supplied motors.  That will have a reduced startup current. But it probably won't be feasible to retrofit to an existing appliance.

As a cheap fix you could have them all on their own timers. Staggering their running times.

A fridge that stays closed won't lose that much during the night





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