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  1. Who used one of these starters on their fridges / aircons? Did it work? Where can I buy one? The reason why I asked , i want to use it on my fridges to reduce the inrush current during the night. My 4 fridges kicks in at the same time during the night, which trickers my inverter to change over to utilitiy, which increases my bill.
  2. I have 1 string of 300w, 2 of 310w and 1 of 395W. Thus the voltages per string is with in specs. Now how can I reduce my 400w eskom power. Can I connect 3 more pv's?
  3. Somebody mentioned in the 8K Sunsynk post, an 8K Axpert. Does anybody have an experience on the 8K Axpert? Reliability ect. I have an 5K one for 5 years now and it's very reliabil.
  4. I assume that your house wiring problem was a common neutral and when you split it the problem was solved?
  5. I assume you have 10 panels in series per string ? If that's the case, I see a problem! However I could be wrong and the experts can correct me. Your Sunsync specs states Max solar voltage (VOC) is 370v. If you connect 10 Pv's in series, with VOC of 45.5v, then your input will be or 455v. This could fry your inverter.
  6. Now that you mentioned it , I never measured the voltage. I just added the voltages from the specs of the Pv's, in my argument. I only looked at the wats, which increased, from from under 2kw to a max of about 2k8W. My array also have a mixture of 300w to 395W pv's. Over the last 3 to 4 years I increased my system with either battery or pv's, courtesy of the tax returns. Each time I bought the pv's that was on special, irregardless of the Wats. This didn't bothers me because I knew that I'm going to revert back to the lowest voltage However I deducted from your reasoning that I'
  7. The reason why I want to add 3 pv's is eskom still takes 400kw and the sun pays 400kw. Now you gave me 2 answers. 1st I assumed you said yes for 3 more, then you said I must do 2s6p? Can I add 1 2s to make it 2s7p? I had it 2s4p when I change it to 3s3p , this configuration, gave me a better performance. I then added another 3s to make it 3s4p which gave me a bigger saving. I have 9k4w pylontech battery setup. When the finance is ready, I want to add another 3k5 battery. Thnks. for your knowledge so far.
  8. I have a similar problem. y. Hi, I have 12 300w pv's on a 5k/4k axpert. 3S4P. I want to add 3 series pv's in parallel. I'm afraid that I'm going to fry the inverter? The axpert spec's are 4kw max and VOC is 145v. DC input current is 93A and charge current is 60A. The pv's series voltage is 136.5v and parallel sc amps is 37.6 A. If I add another string the amps will increase to 47A. Do I use the input current 93A as parameter? Can I do this.
  9. How does standby alter the workings of a batt?
  10. ek het n PI BY JULLE GEKOOP EN DIE DING WERK NIE. Ek kry nie my epos geaktifeer nie. Die inverter settings spring na error die batt volts hier bly op 29v . Die grafieke werk nie en en ens. Eks nogie naby my foon settings nie dit wou ookie werk nie.
  11. the terible triplet (dont knowhow to bringup your name) 25kw is nogabile. As you said its difficult to calculate and I dont understand the calculations and its also difficult to express myself. Thats why I asked the experts. I just want a ball park figure to see if I can afford it. At this stage there is no Eskom power and no house yet. So this will be new installation from scratch. I want to see if I can aVoid to pay ESKOM upfront to provide the electr. to the farm.
  12. well if i cut the sunpart backup out what wil i need? may by backup generator. like how many pvs, Li_ion batteries and inverter
  13. I Have a pylontech us 2000 batt. I got a quote from a Comp. for a Narada Li_ion for about R10k can i just couple it to my 5k Axpert with the pylon?
  14. I recently came apon youtubes with supercaps as batteries for solarpower. Has anybody on this forum use them and perhaps where can one buy it.? Whats the pros and cons? can we use with a Li_ion battery?
  15. jislaaik this is very mind boggeling. My monthly consump. is 750kwh 25kwh/day. with all the addons what do I need to run off grid say 2 days with out sun worst case. would appreciate very mutch. I see 1 firm talks about base line of 1.3 kw, what does that mean.
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