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  1. Ouch, that is a bit far from me. Wonder what half a ton of batteries courier cost would be...
  2. Congrats Steve, many happy free kWhs. Can you unveil your final configuration that got approved, please?
  3. Are these locally stocked, i.e. is it possible to expand?
  4. Hi Jaaks. Do you by chance have specs for this unit and inverter compatibility information? Thanks.
  5. Any idea of typically how often and deep they were cycled?
  6. Tacet, if you are close to Montana Park, you can also try Cronlec (012 524 9320). They are usually the cheapest in my area. Not the friendliest salesman though...
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I am currently busy with my installation and my inverter is incidentally exactly the same as yours. If implementing sections 6.12.4 and of SANS 10142 as posted previously by Jaws on this thread you will achieve a permanent bond between neutral and earth on the inverter output (and on the input for that matter) so I suppose your Sparky is not far off.
  8. Elbow, I am curious to know how you ended up dealing with the bonding issue on your inverter output. Any progress yet?
  9. Agreed. Will save up some more and get the right stuff..
  10. Yeah, I concur with you. Easy come, easy go. Thanks anyhow.
  11. Apologies and thanks Plonkster, I suspected this was the case. I did some searching but couldn't find anything. I am quite curious on how they execute the scam though. I know of at least 2 people that have bought and received units but I assume the pedigree of those units is where the problem would be. Would be interesting to know anyhow.
  12. Hi All. I would like to know if anybody has purchased lithium batteries from www.solarcityrsa.co.za. At times their prices seems good, actually maybe to good to be true. Would appreciate any feedback positive or otherwise. Thanks.
  13. Welcome Peet. You are at the right place for solar advice. Lots of good information and also lots of willing and capable people to help answer your questions. Enjoy the ride.
  14. I agree Chris. At that price point I have taken the plunge and bought it. Time will tell whether it was the right move. Apparently they could be repaired through Mecer at cost of repair if anything does go wrong in future.
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