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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason


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  1. Thanks for the inverter @Tariqmy friend @dalevdmerweis really happy with his purchase!
  2. Jaaks

    Royal 1150K

    One Royal battery for sale R1350 Bought in February to test out my Victron MPPT. Did not really use it at all. Was connected to a few LED lights and then load shedding stopped. Collection observing correct social distancing in Centurion.
  3. Thank you very much. Bought from Soltaro, well done man and thanks for the excellent service!!!
  4. I have used that roof bracing strap to hold down my panels for many years, for tiled roofs. Never had a problem. Even used the straps on long pieces of wood as rails for a two year long installation at a place I rented for a while. Live in Centurion now and also never had wind issues I actually have 2×50watt panels just lying loose on the roof for a few years now. Never seem to get around to fitting them. No issues there either. My main panels (12 x 265 watt) were screwed to angle iron that was lying loose on my garage roof, no wind is gonna blow that away ever. But just to be certain I used polyurethane adhesive to stick the angle iron to my IBR roof sheets. Now it is stuck almost permanently and no holes in the roof sheets.
  5. OK, thanks Anyone in Pretoria have a cable for sale at all? Will pay the R450
  6. Anyone have one of these lying around that they want to sell (or give away) The cheapest I can find a new one is R450 (USB) the bluetooth is just expensive. I have the Bluesolar MPPT 150/35, want to look at the data.... Thanks
  7. I agree 100% irritates the living cr??? out of me when people knowingly falsely advertise lower prices to make it seem like a good deal
  8. Chatted to the owner about the slow sale and he has agreed to price drop. If I take zero commision then we vmcan let this once in a lifetime bargain go for R5800
  9. The specs and dimensions can most likely be found on the vision lithium battery website. These appears to be empty demo boxes
  10. Price reduction, make me some offers and I will take them to the owner?
  11. Will check when I have a chance. They are standard 19 inch rack sizes. Little one is 1 unit high, the others are more.
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