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  1. Don't get me wrong, I am just not technical enough it seems. I see there are a few of these "Strawberry" options available, even some of them from the semi official Victron people. I was very very fortunate to get a Cerbo GX at a really good price and am thus this on my system with a special firmware allowing me to run Node Red as well. It runs smooth like a well oiled machine!
  2. Possible yes, but I have a lead on some 200Ah cells and just need the cash. Thanks the the ideas though
  3. I want a bit more capacity so looking at larger cells. I am almost off grid with this one but must add some more panels and another kW or so in batteries. I am looking into getting 16 x 200Ah cells.
  4. OK, so you want the cost breakdown? 16 x R900 = R14400 Circuit breaker R460 BMS R2000 Connectors R450 Wires R300 Specially designed wall mount enclosure R800 Lugs, heatshrink, sundries R250 Few hours to ensure all is built correctly and works. R??? Total R 18 660 + labor, also had to drive around to all the shops to buy all the extras so add fuel to that. I added it in my head so may be out a bit. Included is the remainder of the warranty too. The source sells them for R22 200 if you can get stock. Any decent offers and we can start neg
  5. Not even a comment? This is an excellent battery with double the capacity of the other brands for the price.
  6. I am selling off my battery, its time for an upgrade. This ine is still basically new and has the following usage specifications: Running off a Victron Multi 2 5000 with BMV and MPPT Deepest discharge -112.50 Ah (Was testing it conservatively.) Last discharge -75.20 Ah Average discharge -75.70 Ah Charge cycles 56.00 Full discharges 0.00 Bought from Lithium Batteries South Africa in May. Consists of 16 cells, 120Ah BMS, DC circuit breaker, wall mountable box. R20000 (Yes this is the best bang for buck lithium battery out th
  7. Interesting post and really interesting setup. Other professionals can help me out here, but I was under the impression that even if you have multiple inverters they should all be connected to the same battery bank, not separate ones. As to the connections of the batteries there is somewhere some very interesting research done about best way to connect 4 batteries and 8 batteries etc. So long story short connect batteries in first in parallel and then in series. Not sure if that is clear enough. But for eight 12 V batteries on a 48 V system you first create 4 blocks of two batteries in p
  8. Skuimpies = Meringue I have Multi 2 and am very fortunate to get no trips. Only issues iare AC reconnect after switching off the inverter. Incorrect SOC even though I have a BMV (it slowly drops over a few days till I resync) and once in a while overvoltage alarm on my home built lithium battery pack (only for a second or so so no worries there)
  9. I had the Voltronic standard 5kVA it worked. I now have the Victron Multi 2 5000 it is bloody amazing. Like day and night, the out of box functionality and impressive support are definitely a winner. No strawberry wot wot and extra software fiddly stuff, Victron just works!
  10. Thanks for the inverter @Tariqmy friend @dalevdmerweis really happy with his purchase!
  11. Jaaks

    Royal 1150K

    One Royal battery for sale R1350 Bought in February to test out my Victron MPPT. Did not really use it at all. Was connected to a few LED lights and then load shedding stopped. Collection observing correct social distancing in Centurion.
  12. Thank you very much. Bought from Soltaro, well done man and thanks for the excellent service!!!
  13. I have used that roof bracing strap to hold down my panels for many years, for tiled roofs. Never had a problem. Even used the straps on long pieces of wood as rails for a two year long installation at a place I rented for a while. Live in Centurion now and also never had wind issues I actually have 2×50watt panels just lying loose on the roof for a few years now. Never seem to get around to fitting them. No issues there either. My main panels (12 x 265 watt) were screwed to angle iron that was lying loose on my garage roof, no wind is gonna blow that away ever. But just to be certain I used p
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