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  1. So by estimation thats about slightly above 1,000 cycles done with 4,900 more remaining. All dependant on what DoD you were doing. What is your last price, worse scenario price?
  2. This is a bit similar to what i had posted earlier on on the forum. I am using a Kodak OG 3.24 and i thought there was something wrong with my system but after a little research i found the answer to my question. These inverters are not PV inverters and will top up from utility or battery depending on what was selected (SUB or SBU). They are designed to supply from mixed power source. Another thing i have also noticed from my inverter is that if the load is very low it would rather use the secondary source which can either be battery or utility and balance the battery later. All in all i wouldnt worry so much but you would do well to recheck the back to grid voltage as well as the back to discharge voltage.
  3. Hi ALL so i recently purchased a raspberry PI and also purchased ICC software to monitor my inverter but it doesnt seem to be communicating with the Inverter. I keep getting this message. Any possible solutions around this?
  4. Hi all i did some further research and realised a few things. My inverter is not a PV inverter to solely depend on solar power so its normal for the inverter to draw some power from the batteries and replace it with the energy from the solar panels when it deems it suitable. 3rdly i also realised that getting a true SoC without a raspberry PI is like poking in the dark so i have decided to just purchase a Raspberry PI with ICC software to reduce the guess work. I am just not sure which voltages i will need to change to to allow for a proper back to grid after i connect the Raspberry PI.
  5. I meant logging data on my computer using Raspberry PI without the hardware. I just buy the software. I am already logging Watchpower and it's not effective in giving me real SoC for the battery. I really need something that will do that and help me prioritize solar during the day. I will check out solpiplog and see how it works. I am trying to avoid buying full kit because it's pricy. I don't mind buying the software alone and using my computer as a logging device for Raspberry PI.
  6. The flashing tool reports successful but the inverter gives an EEPROM error and when I check the firmware version it still remains the same as before.
  7. Thanks i managed to unzip and run the software but the Inverter wont just accept the firmware upgrade. It keeps giving me an EEPROM error, whatever that means. By the way any idea where i can download a free trial for the ICC software? Will use one of my computers as a logger for the data. @Coulomb Your expertise may be needed here. I hear you are legend in these streets.
  8. I have tried downloading that one and it says app can't run on my PC. Any other alternative link I can try to download the same version
  9. Unfortunately I changed the firmware to 20.59 and nothing has improved. Do u have any other firmware I can use.
  10. This is what happens when I run the pump, fully covered by PV. Then when switched off and load goes back to 160watts, battery is prioritized. I wonder why it's only reacting to bigger loads
  11. How do u upgrade firmware? I suspect that could be one of the reasons my solar panels are not being prioritized over battery.
  12. I am using the watchpower App on my phone. It says I m discharging 5amps from the battery. Firmware version says 41/15. Output priority setting is set to SBU.
  13. @Shadders So you are saying in your case your PV are able to power loads directly all day until Sun goes down? I have started logging data in Watchpower. Will see what I can analse tomorrow. Time based priority settings default to 0 after a while so they are not permanent. I do that just in case my battery runs out just before the sun comes out, I put it in SUB just for an hour and back to SBU for the rest of the day. Remember my load during the day is about 180watts minus the pump. So I am not looking to max the panels but have them produce=day load. When charging the battery and running water pump, I do see them max out. Unless maybe for the type of inverter I have PV can not by pass battery and has to rely on replacing energy lost from battery supplied to loads. I hope it's not a bug but I will wait to hear from others before I begin bothering the distributor. Dropping the AC breaker is the very last option I want to take, hoping the inverter can help me prioritize solar over battery power once battery is fully charged.
  14. @Shadders I fully understand what you are saying. Bear in mind that my highest load is an electric water pump which consumes about 1.2kw which runs for approximately 1 hour tops and my day load is approximately 180 watts till 18hrs. Surprisingly I do achieve STC and exceed it every day when charging my battery while pumping water. But my worry is once I switch off the higher load from the pump inverter switches to power the 180watts load from battery. I think my panels have sufficient power to cover 180 watts. I have tried changing output priority settings on inverter but as I said solar is only prioritized when I connect higher wattage loads. Unfortunately I have not connected any ICC equipment yet. Just using Watchpower to monitor basic stats.
  15. Hi all I recently upgraded my inverter to Voltronics off grid VMIII model and added a pylontech battery. I already have 6x 335watts panels connected in series to both charge the battery and power the loads. Grid is used as a last backup on days of bad weather. What i have noticed is that during the day, Inverter is drawing from batteries instead of solar panels. output priorty is set as SBU. I have tried to change to SUB but still the inverter prioritises utility to power loads even when Solar power is availale. Is there anyway of working around this?
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