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Sunsynk Generator Input


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I have a Sunsynk 5.5kW installed, coupled with a 5.5kW solar array and 10.2kW of battery storage. I will add my diesel generator as an alternative input for those days when eskom is awol and when the batteries are low.

I have a question about the control logic for the gen input on the Sunsynk inverter, as the manual is not very descriptive and Keith's videos does not really explain this feature in detail.

From what I could gather so far:

1. The Gen start signal will only activate when no grid is available and when the SOC lower limit has been reached

2. The Gen input relay will only close once the conditions are met in point 1.

3. When the grid has been restored, the Grid input relay will only close once the gen has been shut down and the gen relay has opened.


The timer display gives you the option to charge from grid, but from my testing so far, it will not start the generator unless the grid is down. It makes sense, as you do not want the grid present AND connect an unsynchronized generator supply to the inverter.

Where can I get more in depth info or literature on the Generator Input for the Sunsynk?

Thanks in advanced.


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