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Overload on inverter


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Hi All

I just had a 5kw backup system installed in my garage. 

The system will run when eskom is on load shedding only as I only have a 5kw Deye hybrid inverter and a 5kw Freedom Won battery on my system. I'll do solar panels later on. 

The issue I have now is that it comes up with F34 AC overload faults when I have more than 5kw on the eskom load, which it shouldn't cause I mean I'm on the grid and the backup is only for backup, and at that point I won't have the oven, kettle, fridge, Geyser etc all running. 

My thoughts are that the config isn't correct or something that the inverter of throwing fault when it's technically not in use? 

Any help would be appreciated. 



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You say you "wont" have the geyser,oven and kettle running during backup, that tells me that you have these loads connected after the inverter. These are supposed to be connected to eskom directly and should lose power automatically when the power goes off. If you have these loads connected to the inverter then you will indeed be overloading the inverter.

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The 5kw can only have 35A running through the inverter of the grid is available. 

That is approximately 7.7kw of loads directly on the inverter. Kettle, geyser and microwave running together can easily exceed this limit and give you the overload fault. 

I would suggest that you move your geyser and stove to before the inverter. 

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Thanks for the replies Guys.

I think what Deon mentioned is what may be my issue. I wouldn't expect an overload on my system when it's running on the eskom grid as primary. When it switches over upon loadshedding, then my Geyser etc is not on the list of breakers I have connected. 

I just don't know if it's a setting that I need to have on the deye to say inverter is backup and all I am expecting is eskom to run, when eskom isn't up, then inverter automatically kicks in and my load then is low as no Geyser and stove connected etc, just lights and plugs which was minimal. 

Is there a setting on the DEYE that I need to see that ensures that the backup is backup and not out of sequence? 

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