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  1. I did leave messages and sent direct emails to CEO so they are aware. No response as yet. Will look at the solar assistant, thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I'm in same boat here.. I feel for the sales speel.. Logger cost over 4k and just works for battery.. Not inverters, not weather stations etc like they state. That's a very over price bms. This morning the bms allowed the lithium battery to deplete to 0%! Even though inverter was set to 15%. No response from solarmd CEO. Very disappointing.
  3. Received Feedback from Solar MD is they only support their batteries with the logger. Inverters and 3rd party are not a priority. They said its a battery bms and software is free so they don't need to fix it. So although their documentation says full pv solar management system and plug and play, that's actually not the case.
  4. Hi, Anyone else having problems with the local logger software? Doesn't recognise the sunsynk inverter and only displays battery power in the dashboard. The mypower24 portal is regularly down.
  5. WOW! Really interesting and fascinating project.I've just installed a sunsynk - pv solar system and searching for a wind turbine to supplement. I'm really interested in the final product, also enjoying watching the process to get there.. Great stuff for sharing and well done!
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