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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason


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  1. whoa. i've also been spending my lockdown hours going down this rabbit hole, albeit a slightly different route. basically used my existing hassio/homeassistant installed on a Rpi4. so far i've managed to tie everything up using: - home assistant interface with the axpert inverter, which takes care of extracting the metrics. - the grafana and influxdb integration which saves all sensor and log data, and for dashboards/data analysis - in home assistant i've also started using nodered to take care of the logic with the various sensors/gadgets around the house Home Assistant Integrations make it simple Grafana & InfluxDB
  2. huh, so a 10kVA (2 x inverters) and 4kW PV install be illegal?
  3. Thanks for the input, I understand material costs have to be covered, orders put in etc, and I'm fine with that. I will try negotiate. What really concerns me is the 100% payment upfront, I'll have to go with another installer if they insist on that.
  4. About to pull the trigger on a solar install - however the installer is basically requesting 50% deposit, and the rest a week before the install date (six week lead time). Is this the norm? I was thinking at least there should be a balance payable only on completion?


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