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  1. It will be, as there will be the main EL upstream?
  2. If the stove and geyser are to be supplied by grid, then I wouldnt fit a 2nd E/L? As all the devices will be after the main E/L? My 2nd E/L is just added protection for the INVERTERS?
  3. My opinion, is rather be safe and fit a 2nd E/L? Why take the risk? Compared to the cost of replacing an INVERTER, an E/L is cheap?
  4. Full load is supplied through the first E/L. The GEYSER/STOVE/AIRCON isolators LINE is supplied by either GRID or SOLAR, depending on the position of the changeover for each device. Should there be any major malfunction, my wife can throw the 2nd row GRID SOLAR changeover, and return the full load to grid.(I am often away for work)
  5. I have a 3x18 DB. Top row: GRID MAIN, GRID SURGE protection, GRID E/L, INVERTER1, INVERTER2,STOVE ISO, GEYSER ISO, AIRCON ISO.... 2nd Row: SOLAR/GRID CHANGEOVER, SOLAR E/L, circuit breaker for plugs/lights etc 3rd Row: 4-quadrant GRID METER, CHANGER OVER switches for OVEN/GEYSER/AIRCON. And 2 relays, one for outside lights on a DAY/NIGHT switch, and a sewage level sensor warning. FULL DB Picture:
  6. I have 2 INFINISOLAR 5kw inverters. Both GRID SUPPLY circuit breakers, are after an earth leakage. I have also installed 3-way isolator switches, which allow me to put heavy loads like the geyser/oven/aircon onto solar, when excess PV is available.
  7. Hi David, I am running a similar setup to yours, 2 INFINISOLAR 5kw inverters, and 2 x7.4 SOLARMD LifePO4 units. My LOW SETPOINT is set at 51v, and the 2 inverters draw +-4Amp from the batteries, until a PV charge is available. You can set a AC CHARGE to start at a voltage point before the BMS opens the BATTERY SWITCH. Not sure which software you are running with the inverter? It appears, this current draw is dependant on the PRIORITY setting under DEVICE CONTROL / MYPOWER MANAGEMENT? I have NOT tried all the modes to confirm, but all my FIRST choice modes, seem to prioritise this to the battery, making my generation total lower, and my reliance on GRID higher? Jürgen
  8. Hi Youda, Sorry to hear of the personal issues? I hope you can work it all out? I changed the WIDE AC INPUT RANGE to ON , which seems to reduce this warning message frequency. I also contacted the inverter supplier for technical advice? They suggested changing GENERATOR AS AC SOURCE to ON?? Cant see how this could help, but I havent had the warning message since?? I must mention, that I am located in a small residential area, where there are a few large industrial consumers nearby. We tend to have large fluctuations in the pressure on our water supply, and I imagine, there could possibly be some fluctuations in the GRID AC supply specs that the inverter flagged as out of range? Thanks for the time responding. J
  9. Yesterday, I had warning message #07 (AC INPUT ISLAND) on my INFINISOLAR 5kw inverter? According to the user manual, this warning event refers to ISLAND DETECT, and the description says ISLAND OPERATION IS DETECTED? No further information is provided? No recommended action is given either? Has anyone had this warning message before? If so, can someone shed a little more light on this? The inverter is set to NOT ALLOW feed into the grid, and an ANTI-ISLANDING protection device is installed. This unit has not detected and REVERSE POWERFLOW?
  10. Thanks. The bootlaces do make a neat build. You should see my wire markings?LOL. Wrap-around thermal labels, on all the wires. My thinking here was, should I need to move something from Non-essential to Essential load, I would need to move the neutral and earth too, as each is seperated. This way, I don't need to search for wires. To be quite honest, I'm not concerned over a momentary feed-in or spike. What I want, is should the grid go down for any reason, I want the disconnection to be made. Also, I imagine, should any compliance be required later, I seriously doubt that anyone will be able to confirm that the this unit would not fulfill the requirement of an ANTI-ISLANDING device. And on the point of tripping the pre-paid meter. I am lead to believe that on my meter, the feature to shut down on reverse power detection, is disabled. I think, if legislation requires a device to prevent REVERSE POWER FLOW, then at +-R2000, this unit should fulfill the requirement. The way I understand this issue, there are 2 clear terminologies that are used? REVERSE POWER FLOW DETECTION, and ANTI-ISLANDING. Reverse power flow detection/prevention, should react to prevent the electricity meter from seeing this as an attack, and Anti-Islanding is isolation from the grid, to protect maintenance workers from electrocution? Lets see some opinions?
  11. Just an update. Installed the REVERSE POWERFLOW PROTECTION RELAY, Rhomberg SP510, and an 80Amp 230vac contactor. The original picture shows a 50amp 4-pole contactor, but I had an issue getting the 10mm² cables into the terminals, so I increased the amp rating to the 80Amp version, and instead of doubling the the contacts, just used the 3-pole version. I also purchased a CT closer to the rated 63amp supply. Tested the unit by inverting the CT, and it definitely trips out the contactor. I'm sure this will suit my need, for an anti-islanding device, should this need arise. The delays and sensitivity are adjustable, and I intend fiddling with these somewhere down the line. I also increased the size of the enclosure, giving me more space for the heavier cabling. I also left the 50amp contactor on the rail, should it be required later.
  12. Hi again Youda, Finally received my infinisolar inverter, and struggling to get my head around all the setting values in SOLARPOWER? Is there anyway you could post screenshots of the settings you are running? This would be of great help, as a comparison tool? Thanks.
  13. I'm trying to get my head around the capacity of battery storage i would need. I have got info from SOLAR MD, that the 3,7kw unit is equivalent to 72 Ahour @52v. Practically, I think this will not be enough for my requirements, and I should therefore be installing the larger 7,4kw unit. Doing a very basic cost comparison between gel acid and lithium, looks as follows..... 200 amp hour gel acid x4 (12vdcx4=48vdc) @R4600 =R18400. Factor in the DOD @50% gives you 100 amp hour for around R20 000? Some shopping around may yield some discounts. Cables, cable accessories, fuses, frame structure etc etc etc. I would add at least a few thousand rand more? 3,7kw(76 Ahour) SOLAR MD, I can purchase for about R30k, and get at the very least twice the life span. The warrantee alone, is almost twice the expected life of the gels?
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