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  1. ...hmm. thanks for the info and yeah definitely food for thought. i've got solarmd's... and yup to upgrade they're a bit on the expensive side!
  2. ...it was this video that initially got me to post. ...hmmm but yeah that smart shunt/solar assistant idea is interesting. i understand manufacturers will definitely discourage it - i guess i'm the sort who despise being delberately locked in and limited to my options... but don't we all?
  3. okay since the different battery brands/vendors out there are now getting competitive, started wondering whether it would be possible to mix/parallel different battery brands to a battery bank (provided chemistry/architecture is same)? or are we really locked in to the brand we initially bought? for example say i got an existing hubble, and want to add a pylontech/bluenova.. is it a matter of just connecting them to the bank/busbar? sure they will each have their own bms, and will not necessarily be able to comm with each other. also only the one bms will be able to communicate with the inverter...
  4. another follow up on pvstore - they eventually had the panels in stock and managed to pick up from montague branch. also picked up cables and mc4 connectors, just wish they had more choices wrt to mounting and electrical bits but otherwise great service with very competitive pricing. the rest of the items i needed i managed to get from sonopsolar (fuses, spd, and ibr mounts). very quick delivery. only downside is their webstore does not offer credit card facilities (just old school eft's). rubicon was just down the road from me but they appear to be disinterested in helping walk-in diyers. thirty minutes waiting, lots of blokes behind the counter/office all appearing 'very busy' and trying their best to avoid eye contact (maybe the next day being a public holiday had something to do with it). in the end they only had two types of panels in stock, and only the most expensive mounting gear. in any case finished my small project during the weekend - adding 12x panels on my carport to augment my existing install.
  5. my 2nd vehicle... which I rarely use... essentially in storage... is permanently hooked up to an optimate 6 in the garage. always starts effortlessly even if left for months at a time. i see prices have gone up - got mine yonks ago, but its more than paid for itself in batteries saved and recovered.
  6. thanks for the feedback guys... unfortunately so far my experience with them has not been so great. i inquired at the montague gardens branch and it turns out they only have two types of panels in stock. good thing i phoned ahead before placing an order on their webstore.
  7. yes, of course, i stand corrected. thanks for the clarification sir!
  8. Pardon chaps - answer to this is most probably already in the forums... i have been searching but i will ask anyways. I'm looking to add additional pv panels to my current setup (2 x Axperts in parallel). I'm only using the one inverter's MPPT at the moment (12x330w seraphims). Popped in at rubicon ct today - they only had 490W panels. No problem 2s4p? it is then. Lemme have eight. But the dude behind the counter was adamant I should rather buy more similarly specced panels to the ones I currently have... (who stocks seraphims anyway?). "But its going to be connected to the 2nd inverter on the unused mppt" I said. "Yeah but the inverters are connected in parallel", he reasoned. Me thinks the bloke was just confused but now am doubting myself. Eight of the 490w should be fine right? Also, this new array will be installed flattish on a carport facing NNW. current setup is facing NNE. My two axperts are of the standard 60 VDC~115 VDC mppt variety, connected to 14.4kw storage. Panels in question are the cs 490w hiku5 mono.
  9. just a suggestion. maybe blur out your home address from that utility statement. with id theft being a thing and all that. just sayin'.
  10. they're just out to protect their monopoly. do you really think if it was a free market (where competitors can produce/distribute/sell as much power as they want) energy supply for the masses would be an issue? they dictate the rules - this crisis is entirely manufactured by them. and i don't bleed lumpy custard just because its de ruyter now at the helm. anyways we still pay a meter connection fee. i don't feed back - but those who are have signed up to an agreement that is already stacked against them is it not? eskom has dug the country into a hole and expect consumers to bail them out. they're just trying to cover all their bases is all.
  11. According to Eskom: "That PV customer, on prepaid, would not be paying their fair share to maintain the grid," Nope. We're simply minimising our contribution to your corrupt gravy train slush fund.
  12. would be keen to find out what the real world experience is... thanks for sharing. because according to their guidelines (not sure if it still current or applies) SSEGs can't be net generators, meaning best case scenario is you can only feed back as much as you consume over a 12 month period. - also isn't there a monthly tariff for the privilege of feeding back to the grid? is that factored in? - they also put a limit on your generation capacity, ie, if you've a 60A breaker, 3.5kVA is the limit, does that still apply? considering the above restrictions imho it seems feed-in doesn't make sense - for residential sseg's at least?
  13. this. i get great satisfaction into contributing as little as possible to some eskom/government honcho's slush fund. for me that alone eclipses all roi/viability/break even calculations. only used 15 municipal units in like ten weeks. feels good man. granted we're still subject to the monthly 'connection fee'... fair enough.
  14. that's a lot of storage... will probably need to add more inverters too? edit: currently i also use 12x330wpanels and 2x axperts. i think the max i can have is 12 panels on an inverter? currently only using the one inverter for solar input. but then i only have 14.8kWh batteries.
  15. nah, stil the same - for residential (single phase 60A breaker) feeding back to grid is not worth it for CoCT. iirc they will limit you to total of 3.5kwp panels for grid tie ? what a joke.
  16. same story with me! upstairs junctions/switches all had neutrals in... newer renovated part of the house so newer electrical code i guess? downstairs however just had the live and ground wires, so couldn't fit them with the touch switches. luckily the new sonoff minis just came out so i used those for downstairs. they worked with the old wall switches, but now i can also control the lights remotely.
  17. i would really just suggest just to hire an expert elec-chicken/sparkie if in doubt! but to answer your question: (1) use a multimeter... you really need a multimeter/tester to test and see which wires are which. (2) black wires: get a new piece of wire and fix to one end of that terminal block to the "N in" on the sonoff. red wires: one of those is the Live wire (you really need a tester to find out which one it is). that goes to the "L in" on the sonoff. the rest of the red wires lead to the fixtures, so they go on the respective "Out" terminals on the sonoff. 3) tie them together and make sure they don't make contact with the red/black. unfortunately no ground connection on the sonoff
  18. whoa. i've also been spending my lockdown hours going down this rabbit hole, albeit a slightly different route. basically used my existing hassio/homeassistant installed on a Rpi4. so far i've managed to tie everything up using: - home assistant interface with the axpert inverter, which takes care of extracting the metrics. - the grafana and influxdb integration which saves all sensor and log data, and for dashboards/data analysis - in home assistant i've also started using nodered to take care of the logic with the various sensors/gadgets around the house Home Assistant Integrations make it simple Grafana & InfluxDB
  19. huh, so a 10kVA (2 x inverters) and 4kW PV install be illegal?
  20. Thanks for the input, I understand material costs have to be covered, orders put in etc, and I'm fine with that. I will try negotiate. What really concerns me is the 100% payment upfront, I'll have to go with another installer if they insist on that.
  21. About to pull the trigger on a solar install - however the installer is basically requesting 50% deposit, and the rest a week before the install date (six week lead time). Is this the norm? I was thinking at least there should be a balance payable only on completion?
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